Floors By Harris / Steals Deposit And Disappears

1 187 Larkin Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 647-701-7177

Still Scamming...same routine 5 families have now found this post and benefitted from the information.

Mr Theocharis is the youtube name 27 year old Greek crooked contractor in Toronto, who convinces homeowners to give him a large deposit for flooring work or other renovations, he starts the job, but then disappears so that he can keep the cash and do NO WORK some as much as $5000.00

Actual name is Theocharis Georgopoulos he has been taken to court by the homeowner discussed in this article and chased down by Global TV Toronto on the evening news.

This is the Global TV Report Dec 28 2007 his identity is now confirmed.

: Theocharis Georgopoulos

This From Global TV:
Mrs. Kivac went to the police, she also filed a small claims court action.
There is at least one other complaint against Floors by Harris with the Ontario consumer ministry.

Since Dec 2009 the paralegal chasing this fraudster has been contacted by 5 Families
who have been defrauded by this criminal. The last large one was for a deposit of over $4000.00 from a client name Frank emailed the paralegal Feb 1 2010.

He is now posting advertisements and bullsheet testimonials by ficticious clients on Kijiji Buyer Beware!
see this :

Never completes work...thats the scam, takes the money and never comes back.

Hardwood Floors Scammer In Mississauga Brampton Toronto - Ailias: Mr Theocharis On YouTube.

Public Service Warning Do NOT Hire:
If You are A Victim Contact This Legal Beagal To Sue The Thief [protected]

The flooring installer Theocharis Georgopoulos who is advertising in the Mississauga News Oct 14 2009
Theocharis Georgopoulos, AKA: Theocharis, Mr Theocharis, Theo, Harris, email: [protected], [protected]

This is the UPS mail drop address. They have his drivers license information, which could be released with a court order.

UPS Mail Box
7b Suite 1131 Pleasant Blvd
Toronto, On. M4T 1K2 and these were his numbers
[protected] + [protected]

DO NOT HIRE HIM! Theocharis Georgopoulos is a thief who uses a pen instead of a gun.

A bad floor installer who will show up take your deposit does a little work then disappears.

When looking for a reliable contractor, consumers should employ a contractor with an established business in their area. Ask for references and check them out. Look into the contractors standard of work and professional affiliations; verify his insurance; and check to see if he needs to be licensed. Check with the BBB for a report on the contractor.

Floors By Harris

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  • Sh
      17th of May, 2010

    T.georgopoulos is commiting crime take advantage of Canadien legal system he does very calculated moves he is stealing from home owners quoting less then the market price .
    He actualy install hardwood at one or two customers and then use that as a refrence for the neighbourhood so that he gets more clients.
    then he get in to a writen contract with home owners promising to complete in a week or two
    ask for deposit to buy material ( less then the market price home owners fall for it) e.g
    1200 sq/ft he will ask for a payment of 3500 .00 dollers to buy hard wood, quteraroubd nosing etc.he acepts checques or cash any thing because he knows how to deal with you later.
    then after a week he will call you and say the hardwood company made a mistake and brought wrong colour and it will take another week or so to get the colour you have chosen.
    then after a week he will come to your home rip of your carpet from one or two rooms put it out side in 45 minutes(if you allow him to your home big mistake because now he is safe because he worked at your home you cant go to crimnal court it will go to small claim courts) and he will say to that he will be back with the material nextday...that, s it.
    then he will not come back. you call him 100 times he will talk to you saying he will return deposit if you can not wait another mistake he never return your deposit.
    He never say he will not give your money back but he will give you excuses not pay you.
    I am wondering some day some one is going to teach him a lesson.
    I will disclose more on him next time.
    shah( victom who will chase him for ever)

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  • Sh
      17th of May, 2010

    Agree 100 %

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  • St
      12th of Jun, 2010

    This is a scammer who must be stopped, so many families are being scammed:

    Here is a source of data that may help you in your quest for justice.

    He apparently has several company names:
    Floors by Harris
    Home Improvements
    **This guy makes up company names**
    He lives in a really nice house at
    187 Larkin Avenue
    Markham, Ont
    His cell numbers currently are
    (he changes them all the time as you can find out for yourself
    from other homeowners who posted his numbers.
    647-701-7177 & 416-731-9305
    **He drives a red jeep and a white BMW**

    If You are A Victim Contact This Legal Beagle To Sue The Thief


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  • Fe
      8th of Nov, 2013

    I had this guy do my floors 7years ago - the worst contractor experience ever. What was a reasonable job turned into thousands more than expected. I was on a time crunch to move in to a house, he knew it, used the time and pressure to get more $, charged me lots more for baseboards (we had agreed on my not quite), changed me almost 2k for 600 sq ft of ply wood to even out the floors. Took his always hung-over guys just a few hours to install. His demands for $ were not enjoyable. Sounds like he's only gone down hill further. I thought he had a problem with drugs or cheating on his wife, appears the real truth is he's a crook.

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