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Flooros / Bad service

1 1904 South Monroe StreetTallahassee, FL, United States
Contact information:

Beware, this company also sells on Ebay under the name hopgetter and FLOORUS STORE. Read their feedback, they actually offered someone money not to post negative feedback. If only I had known before I ordered from their website at I ordered hardwood flooring from this company on September 29th and received the following email: Dear Heidi Baugh, This is a confirmation of an online transaction placed with Floorus Co,

LTD. The transaction totaled $703.48 and will be processed to your account.

Order Number : PRO-[protected]

Approval Code : 02535B

The website where I ordered the flooring does not allow you to place orders for the accessories. I am installing the hardwood flooring I ordered next to tile. Somehow I have to get the pieces that join the two. I sent the following email the same day with photographs of what I was trying to do and received no response: Hello,

When I placed my order on line I did not see a place to order the accessories. I need a border to join the bamboo I ordered to my existing tile.

I am attaching a photo of the area I am putting the bamboo in. It is going to take the place of the carpet. It doesn't go against any walls or baseboards, only against the tile. Whatever you recommend for this will be fine. Please email me with any questions.


Heidi Baugh

**So after a week went by and they charged my credit card $703.48 on October 2nd, I called them Saturday, October 9th. I gave the man who answered the phone my order number. He couldn't find my order. He told me to send an email. I explained I had already sent an email last week and received no response. He told me I sent it to sales AT and should have sent it to info AT

So I forwarded the following updated email to the new email address on October 6th: Hello, I just spoke with a gentleman from your company over the phone. I called last weekend and was told if I sent an email regarding the accessories I wanted to order, you would combine shipping. Attached is the email I sent and never received a response to. I have also attached 3 photographs of the area. The bamboo flooring is going in place of the carpet. Please let me know what the status of my order is. My credit card was charged on October 2nd. I am mainly concerned because it is supposed to rain here and if that happens, I need to make sure I am home when the order arrives so it won't be left out in the rain.

Thanks so much,

Heidi Baugh

***Today, October 13th, I called and spoke with the same gentleman on the phone and recorded the call which went as follows: Him: Floor US can I help you? Me: Yes, I was calling to check the status of my order please. Can I have your order number. It's PRO [protected]. Ok, what kind of flooring is. Um, the antique dark distressed bamboo. Couldn't understand his reply. I said, "I'm sorry?" Distressed bamboo right. Yeah. Can I have your phone number. ### ### ####. Ok, it's 917 or 914 right. 916. 916 ### ### #### right. Right. Yes. Uh I am I don't have your shipping information in my hand because I am not responsible for shipping but we can we can check it and uh call you back. Yeah. I've called you the last two Saturdays in a row, nobody's called me back. Yeah, the last 2 Saturdays. (the same guy has answered each time I called) Yup. And I've emailed 3 times now and nobody responds. (He begins talking over me now.) The person responsible for delivery contact you. No. Nobodys ever called me back. I've never received an email answer from you, nothing, I'm ready to dispute the thing on my credit card. You charged me my credit card 11 days ago. Yes. And I've been calling since September 29th, the charge is over $700. Ok, you know, the problem for us is sometimes we dont have tracking information from truck company. Well, I've never even received any notification that it was shipped. Yes, it should be on the way but we can't. You're sure it's on the way? I'm not sure it's on the way but I think it's on the way and we can contact but I am not responsible for delivery. The person responsible for delivery can contact you. Who's that? Uh, Christine is responsible for delivery. Who is it? Christine. And what's that's person's number. Excuse me. How do Iget a hold of that person? Chris, Christine LU, It's Lu OK. And we can't contact you need for check information for you or email you OK. Ok Well. Uh Uh. I don't know how to explain but sometimes we dn't have check informations and cant provide you at my hand. That's not a problem, I just don't know that the order was ever shipped and I've been emailing and I have an adition to my order for the border around my thing and I don't know if it's coming and I can't install the floor unless it's coming. OK. I mean if the floor were deliver to your home the truck company will contact you to arrange and give you a day. The trucking company will contact me? Yes, the truck company will contact will contact you to arrange and give you a day and then deliver to your home. And who is it that you use for shipping and what number do you call them at? The phone number cannot be reached by customers. I'm cancelling my order. ********Then he hung up on me!! The conversation was in no way bitter but when I kept asking about the shipping, he could not provide an answer.


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