floor acc supplies / rudeness

1 London, ON, Canada

went in to buy a $265 tool, i walked in and the girl with the brown hair as usual has this ### look on her face. She does not know how to greet the customers shes rude and talks to the customer with disgust. When i asked for some information about the tool she looked up the information and told me the price, I said ok let me shop around and maybe come back to purchase it later that day. She said " yeah im sure you will" sarcastically. Then she said :"oh yeah by the way have a good day" also sarcastically. I went down the street to durox and they greeted me with a smile and the tool $30 less, But i wont be going back to flooracc until that snob is gone and i will be telling all the other flooring installers about durox company instead,

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