FlixBus / FlixMobilitybus trip from Frankfurt airport to Mannheim

Ticket number [protected]. I bought a ticket for two adults and a child under 2 years old through Flixbus App. I was never informed that the child could only travel with a child's seat. The driver arrived and right away started screaming in French that she wasn't going to take us because we didn't have the seat. She was extremely rude, I tried to make a video and she attacked me to take away my phone so I had to literally run away to film the situation. My child screamed, it was a terror scene. I already sent the form asking for a refund but had no answer. I also need to be reimbursed for the 57 euros spent on last minutes train tickets due to the cancelling of this ride. Not only did Flixbus not inform me about the obligation of the seat, but also had the worst prepared driver who was simply a histerical woman who wasn't able to explain the situation in a normal way. I asked to speak to anyone else from Flixbus and she said there was nobody. It was the worst experience I ever had on a trip. This company is such a nightmare.

Feb 02, 2019

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