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I feel like an idiot, but there's probably more idiots out there who don't read all the "Terms and Agreements" when they sign up for something that's supposedly free, who deserve to know what they might be getting themselves into. Not only did I not read all the fine print, I haven't been checking my credit card statements too closely (lesson learned) and I've been charged close to $500 in the past 8 months for a sercice I never used. Going back and reading the fine lines, I found it says they will charge you around $49.95 a month until you cancel your "5 day free trial membership". They will also NOT let you know it's over and will just charge your "method of payment" for as long as you're stupid enough to not notice. I guess it's legal because I clearly "agreed" to their idiotic terms, but it's definitely not right and it's shady and scammy that they wouldn't let you know upfront about their "free" membership not expiring and all the charges.

Dec 25, 2014
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      Apr 26, 2015

    They stole $65.50 AUD - from me too - I NEVER gave my credit card details to them or signed up - I signed up to an Australian wesbsite called Presto which is a similar business who also scammed money but I have NEVER heard of flix123 not even visited their website and certainly didn't sign up for anything - I have been sending them constant emails but they say I signed up for a 5 day trial and didn't cancel so that's it - BUT THERE IS NO 5 DAY TRIAL here is their email address I will continue to bombard until they pay me back - and an email address [protected] it is FRAUD & THEFT

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