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FlipSwap / Bad service

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I attempted to trade in my two old cell phones, but when the company received my phones they stated that the water damage sticker was tampered with and/missing. I was the sole owner of both phones and neither of them have ever seen water. I attempted to contact the company, but my emails were never returned. I would not recommend doing business with this company.

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  • Ch
      25th of Jun, 2010
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    Flipswap is a total con and scam. I sent them a phone that they said was worth $300, it was nearly brand new with nothing more than light scratches. After they received the phone the told me it wasn't in good enough shape and that one of the scratches on the back looked more like a small crack adn therefore there were only giving me $50 for the phone. The same phone was selling on ebay for nearly $400. They refused to just return the phone to me and keep thier $50. This is a total scam.

  • St
      17th of Jul, 2009
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    I read in Readers Digest about a company you could send your old used cell phone to and receive a rebate for them, so I sent my perfectly good Blackberry Curve to them. Six weeks later I sent an email to see where my rebate was. A week later I got an email saying my phone had been processed and my renate would be mailed in approx. 3 or 4 days. I did receive a check for $61.00 from flipswap. Only PROBLEM was a few days after depositing their check I get a letter from my bank saying the check had been returned no such account. PLEASE DO NOT USE FLIPSWAP and I am contacting Readers Digest also regarding this scam.

  • St
      11th of Dec, 2009
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    I agreed. I sent in my phone in end of Sept. 2009 and today i received an email from Flipswap (after more than 2months later). It stated that my phone was water damaged. I was the only sole owner on this phone and have kept it in a good place when i wasn't using it. It's very good condition. Infact, no major scratch. But Flipswap said it was water damaged. This is ###... I am from Canada and i'm not so sure how many people are being ripped. Worst, not even sure if Bestbuy is aware of this since they advertised for Flipswap to trade in the phone and that's how i found out Flipswap.

  • Da
      22nd of Jan, 2010
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    Take a look at what you agreed to when you sent the phone in - they say they can reduce the amount the phone is worth to zero and you can't complain or have them send it back to you. You also agree you can't sue them. They are holding too many cards - I would not use them. I will use when I sell my iPhone because if you don't agree with their price, they will send your phone back to you (could be messed up, but at least they can't profit off of it).

  • Wi
      2nd of Feb, 2010
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    This company is a SCAM company!! I sent in my phone and they "Appraised" it at 110.00. Well after checking Ebay I decided that it would be easier to sell it to flipswap instead of the trouble of selling it. I sent it in and after a couple of weeks they just sent me an email that they are sending a check for 42.00!! I want it back so I can sell it myself! I was under the impression it would be what they quoted. IT WAS BRAND NEW AND HAD NEVER EVEN BEEN TURNED ON!!! LIARS and SCAMMERS!!! Seriously no matter how nice and easy the website looks it is still a cell phone laundry company. I bet they sell them on ebay for a profit.

    I am going to take this to FOX NEWS ( Nationally!) My friend will make sure this scam site is checked out. Too many people have been ripped off!! I will do EVERYTHING now to make everyone know what a rip off it is. I wish I did not learn so late.

  • It
      3rd of Feb, 2011
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    I agree with all of the above. These cell phone and e-device collectors are totally scamming the developed world and reselling in emerging markets. People are paying a lot of money for used bberry devices and apple products and these guys are printing money. And don't go for that cell phones for soldier scam either. You donate your phone and they give the soldier one hour talk time per device. OK, that is nice. But that hour talk time only costs $4.00. So, these so called recyclers are giving the non-profit ~$4.00 worth of talk time for a let's use a bberry curve 8520 and then reselling it for between $125-175, used. Let's not talk about 9700 and iphones & the $300+ value. Yes I know they also purchase obsolete items such as old motorolas but at least they melt those units down and earn money on the precious metals. For now, it is a great business model. Pure example of a dislocation in supply/demand for smart devices and a growing appetite from a brand conscious names such as bberry/apple/LG/HTC, etc...You should sell it on ebay/CL, more of an efficient market. And let's not talk about working with FlipSwap as a bulk cell phone buyer, they have their nose totally up there [censor]. They think they are hot [censor]. I would use Re-Cellular or another competitor that offers friendly service. All FlipSwap does is create internet platforms for retailers to collect devices as well rip off consumers directly. They used Brightstar/Brightpoint (where the CEO is from anyways) for all of their logistics and functions. FlipSwap is just as marketing and sales company, an asset light model. Computers and tech guys. All day.

  • Ds
      25th of Feb, 2011
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    I see that unfortunately I'm not the only one to get conned by flipswap. It's total bulls*** what they're doing to people. I received my check but it was just a fraction of what they quoted me. I'll post on twitter and facebook to let as many people as possible know what flipswap is all about.

  • No
      16th of Jul, 2011
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    A sales rep at AT&T told me about Flipswap when I purchased my iphone 4. They told me that Flipswap would send an AT&T gift card in the amount quoted. The card can only be used for merchandise in the AT&T store. I'm so glad that I check it out before I sent my iphone 3 to Flipswap. My question is why would a company like AT&T work with a company with such a bad reputation? I intend to contact the sales rep who gave me the mailing packet for Flipswap and ask why they would connect their name with a scam.
    Thanks for all the information, I am checking other sources to sell my old phone.

  • Pa
      10th of Jul, 2011
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    FlipSwap - Never gave me money
    United States

    Do not use this company it is a scam...

    They took my phone and then sent my money and phone back!!

    Stay away...from this company!!

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