Flight Between Singapore And ChennaiRudeness, Luggage Allowance, Delay and co-ordination

While travelling on Air-India and Air-India Express, though we do not expect any luxury, we atleast expect some basic courtesy.

I flew from Singapore to Chennai few weeks ago. The flight was delayed by over three hours and the airline had not bothered to intimate the commuters. After checking in and waiting three hours, we were surprised again! the flight had been delayed by another hour. Four hours in total! Several passengers, like me had traveled from the west coast of Singapore to the east and did not have a choice but to wait in the airport. The flight fortunately took off after four hours of delay.

If this experience was bad, my return flight to Singapore was a hundred times worse. Starting from the checkin to boarding, there were many lapses on the part of the airline. Unlike the flight to Chennai, which could be described in a paragraph, the return flight was outright terrible.

The staff at the check-in counter were very rude. While the ticket mentioned that 30kgs of luggage could be checked in, the staff informed us that only 20kgs could be taken. THey charged a whopping Rs.1000 per kilo of extra luggage. The lady before me in the queue had to shell out Rs.15, 000 for 15kgs of excess luggage. She was a first time traveller, travelling from Pune to Singapore via Chennai and had no choice but to cough up twice the price of the ticket to carry some extra luggage. However the ordeal did not end here for her and for all the others.

The boarding pass did not have a gate number mentioned. The Electronic Display board mentioned that boarding for the flight would commence from Gate 16. All the passengers were waiting. After waiting an hour I glanced at the board and realised that the Boarding was at Gate 18. THe airline had not bothered to make any announcements. All the passengers ran from Gate 16 on the ground floor to the other Gate which was quite a distance.

We reached Gate 18 and heard an announcement regarding the flight. No surprises here!! The flight was delayed. This announcement was made only in English and most passengers could not comprehend what was being said.

This is not a one-off experience with Air-India or Air-India Express. Every Traveller travelling from Singapore has had some bad experience with the airline.

While travelling on the Maharaja, we do not expect Royalty. We atleast expect some basic comfort and co-ordination. It is a wonder how Air-India is a part of the Star-Alliance.

Jan 05, 2015

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