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Flexiclub / Selling and fees

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Hi. I bought a package from flexiclub years ago. The fees have become rediciulous. I sent them a request in July 2009 saying that I want to sell and terminate my membership. They then said that at their last board meeting it was decided that Flexiclub would no longer buy back membership as was stated in the origanal presentation (that I attended and signed). I don't think they can just decide to change things like that ?
I also informed them that with my wanting to terminate my membership It will therefor not be necsasary nor logical to pay 2010 fees.
Much later they e-mailed me to say that I must try Supreme Vacation Resale Dept because they deal with them. I immediately then phoned them to sell everything asap. After about another month I called them again to hear if there had been any response sofar. they said no. I then instructed the sales lady to give it away for free, as long as I could just be rid of them
So it went on... But then on end of Oct 2009 fees for 2010 started going of from my dank account. I went and stopped the debitorder immediately. ( as I told them in July2009 already). The first offer was made by them on 15Jan2010. That was premeditated ! ! Cause now they're holding back the accepted sale until 2010's fees are fully paid up.
This can not be right nor acceptable. Please help. What can I do ?

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  • Mr
      7th of Sep, 2010
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    Dear Ms Grobler,
    We sympathise - We were sold Flexiclub 4 or 5 years ago. We were told by the saleslady that a) They would sell our points, on our behalf, if we so wished - and b) We would be able to re-purchase our Pinelake units ( The resort has just been wound up) if we wished, in spite of how the contract was worded. Both have proved untrue.

    We tried to re-purchase last year and were told by a Ms Krause that our weeks were worth less tha R100- each - possibly as little as R10- each - for them to transfer them back into our names would cost R750- per week. We checked with GRC Resorts how much would be paid out for our 2 weeks and were given a figure of just short of R5, 000- each (which F/club, as the titleholdrs have now presumably received). When we said we wished to go ahead anyway they refused in spite of her indication that it was possible.
    We then asked to resign and have been refused repeatedly. This carried on into this year when, guess what, they said we could apply for resignation if we paid this years fees. We of course refused and, at the moment, in spite of sending a registered letter in May (which has not been replied to) to the management/Trustees explaining that they could still make a profit (our unused user fees & R10, 000- from GRC) by just accepting, all we have received are the same demands repeated by a Miss Moodley and a phone call from some purported lawyer saying that we would be taken to court if we did not pay. Needless to say, if they are stupid enough to continue this way and waste their money, that is there own business. We refuse to deal with liars.

    As regards fees - ours have gone up by just short of 25% PA. We live in the UK and available weeks are pathetic and full of extra charges - We can holiday at more suitable places for far less.
    In addition we have always paid up front to earn the early payment discount. They have kept changing the rules as to how this works without informing us, or informing us too late, and we have had to fight every year, after the first, to get the discount, just giving up and losing it one year.

    Their communication is almost non-existent. They don't reply to emails, they don't receipt them and they don't institute instructions such as changes of address (This was why we lost the one year's discount). They are probably the most disinterested, disorganised firm we have ever had the misfotune of having to deal with.
    We have kept all communications with them (and the amount of unanswered/unreceipted emails is in the hundreds) and, if it ever came to court, would be able to demonstrate what kind of firm they are and how they are quit happy to misinform their clients.

    I don't know if you would want to adopt our approach but, the more people that do, the sooner these people will be exposed.

    I wish you luck and would be interested to hear how you get on.

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