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My 92 year old mother ordered a FlavorWave oven from Thane after seeing their infomercial. She received the oven but did not receive the $59.85 Flavor Wave Chef's Kit that she ordered with it. They charged her an outrageous $39.90 for shipping also. I called Thane on her behalf and they said that they packed the chef's kit with the oven. They did not. I checked all the packaging and it was not there. They said that she would have to pursue a claim with the post office. They slyly billed her credit card for $69 and some change only and invoiced her for the remaining $132.50 which I assume they will bill to her credit card later. This rendered me unable to get any redress from her credit card company. I will be a thousand miles away and unable to take care of this by the time the second billing arrives. What a disgusting scam on an elderly woman.


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      Dec 01, 2010

    Flavor wave, a nasty company, the rudest customer service representatives. I have filled a police report andd acomplaing with the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION (FTC). what the sales representativs tells you when they are trying to sell you the product is far from what they tell you when you call back and ask where your product is. the supervisors are nasty, the representatives, nasty. it is the rudest and nastiestcomapny i ever dealt with. yes, as stated in the complaint above you do not get what you were promised and they try and sell you subscriptions disguised as a free trial which you will later see on your credit card. the oven is not worth the charges you will get on your credit cards and the collaterals from it. i have still not received the over i was supposed to receive within 7 days and when i called, i has not even shipped yet and no tracking number. You can't cancel your order or even change your address. DO not ORDER from this company. i wish i has done my research only and read the bad reviews before i gave the my $150. I plan to sue.

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