flat top edging grey / bought goods from them and twice it was sold on and i still don,t have it

1 Aberdeen, Scotland, Grampian, GB
Contact information:
Phone: 01224 326262

i bought goods from b&q on 2/8/09 to make a patio at my caravan i bought all in ballast, sharp sand charcon driveway blk and 32 flat top edging, i needed it all by the 7/8/09 but was told they only deliver on a monday and i wouldn, t get it till10/8/09 so i had to cancel the workmen till the following weekend but the flat top edging was not delivered, so i asked why, and was told it was sold by mistake, and it would have to be re -ordered and because i had to cancel the workmen b7q promised me they would be delivered on thurs 13th so i booked the workmen for the weekend 14th, again i didn, t get my order, and again i was told it was sold on again this is now the 18th and i still don, t have my order, i have lost the deposit i paid the workmen £150 plus £50 fuel because the men lost two weekends work because i had booked them, b&q told me if i get the a recept from them for the fuel they will give me a refund for it, the way i had the fuel to pay as the men were on the way up to aberdeen to do the work, and i had to phone them a get them to turn and go home as i still didn, t get the rest of the order, they were not to happy as it, s 200 miles from saltcotats to aberdeen, like i said i still don, t have the goods on top of that i had to go through to aberdeen two weeks in a row to wait for goods that didn, t come at the cost of another £100

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