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I recently visited this local restaurant celebrating their "Grand Opening". When I walked in I saw others seated in the dining room eating their meals. I waited in line approximately 10 minutes before I was asked for my order which was "to go". After choosing 2 dinners @ $10.99 each I waited for my food while sipping a soda. I handed my credit card to the waiter prior to my food arriving and was charged $25.57. When my food arrived I checked it and noticed several items missing, the meals were to include rice, beans, and plantains. One meal had nothing but the meat and the other was missing the plantains and the rice and beans were mixed up together despite my previous request to have them separated. I brought this to the attention of the waiter who called someone else over to help me. This new person stated they had run out of food and instead had thrown in some dinner rolls to make up the difference. I asked to speak to the manager or owner and let him know that I was not interested in the substitution and would either like my full order or a refund to my credit card offering to pay for the soda I had been drinking. He told me that he was not going to refund my purchase and I could either "take it or leave it" because he was not going to put the food back because it was too late to be able to reuse it. He then started accusing me of entering the establishment when it was "closed" and what did I expect anyway. The employee prior had indicated the restaurant closed at 5pm on Sundays and I had walked in prior to 4:20pm considering my receipt was time marked at 4:37pm. I ended up leaving with no food and a transaction made on my credit card. I had to call my card company and the local police to place complaints with them. How can a business treat their customers in this fashion and expect to stay in business for any length of time? The owner could of easily credited my card back with an explanation and apology and I probably would of returned on a later date but instead he sacrificed his reputation and business ethics in front of me and the other patrons over $25.57. I most certainly be passing on my experience to others in this town which I have lived in for over 20 years!!

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  • Li
      Sep 25, 2008

    Wow...I thought I was the only one who had received bad service at this place. I was super excited to see a Cuban restaurant opening in my neighborhood and even stopped in to wish the owner good luck just before they opened their doors. I made one small suggestion to him about being open at night because the previous restaurant owner always closed at the end of lunch (they served Mexican food). Needless to say, the owner did not take my comment very well, brushed me off, and said "Well, I have lots of experience in the restaurant business so I don't think I'll have any problems." What an ego! Anyhow, on my first visit, my husband and I dined in the restaurant and the male server was pretty nice. The ropa vieja along with the pollo asado were so-so, kinda dry and did not have much flavor. The beans have been hit and miss, sometimes having flavor and other times not. I've ordered food to-go on three other occasions and the owner's wife who works the front is very rude and charges more for meals than what the menu states. When I questioned the price difference, I got a really lame excuse from her and lots of apathy! It seems these owners need to develop a bit more appreciation for their customers. With their prices being on the higher side compared to similar Cuban restaurants, and the food being so-so and hit-and-miss, I really don't think they will survive beyond one year. When the hired wait staff is more friendly than the owners, there's a problem. I wouldn't waste my time and money to receive the attitude and mediocre food. Also, these folks are serving pastries from Porto's (which I adore) but they are marked up so high that they are not worth it. I purchased a guava pastry that would have cost me $1.00 at Porto's, and this place charged me almost three bucks!!! Ouch!

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  • Ti
      Oct 14, 2008

    yoiur just being a ### sometimes stuff happens. its out of there hands when i ate there it was vary delightful. me and my family go there atleast 4 times a week.

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  • Jo
      Oct 18, 2008

    I've never been there yet, but in my opinion people just want nothing but pier mexican food, and it's tireing, so give other latin american restaurants a chance for once.

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