Fla dept of Child support / dept of revenue/ child support

1 FL, US

OK so I have been trying to get child support for 12 years for my daughter. Broke is an understatement! I have called fl dept child support every time I dont get support, to find they dont know where he is. I investigate it, find out where he is working and spend the entire day trying to get in touch with someone at the dept of rev. to notify them where he works now. It then takes them 3 or more months to get the support. After doing this at least 10 times, my ex moves out of state. They just informed me that if they don't have a mailing address they don't enforce it. So all the BS I just read on the website about suspending liscense, electric bills, ect.. all the ways they say there is to find a deadbeat is BS. So I asked what I am supposed to do? He said what are they suppossed to do? So no help. If anyone has any ideas on how to get this terrible dept. ran by the state to get off thier butts and actually help costodial parents get financial help, please let me know.

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