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Below is a copy of the letter, minus the names, I sent to the company:
I am dissatisfied and having worse allergies when the a/c comes on than before the service your company provided on 8/13/2010. I would like a refund of my payment of $1284. I have contacted my American Express credit card company and filed a formal complaint.
I responded to your advertisement and had a free inspection done on August 13th by ___, technician # _and his helper ___. He told me I had mold in my air conditioner. I wanted to wait and get other estimates but was pressured and rushed to do it that day.
The technician told me to leave the house and not breath the chemicals. When I returned to the house 2 hours later the front door was left ajar and the house smelled like burning wires. I called the business number on the receipt and a woman said she would have a technician call me back. I called back again but no one ever responded. I called the Davie Fire Dept and they came with an electrician who opened up the unit and checked all the wires that had been cut and reinstalled. They taped up three loose wires and made sure the unit was operating correctly.
My water heater under the A/C was sitting in a pool of acid that ___ used to clean the coil above it. There was dirt and debris all over my floor. My air filter was crushed and hanging from the unit. Photos attached. He used one of my towels while working and threw it out afterwards. I had to clean up the rest of the acid and mess. I was charged $84 for a “Hazard Disposal Fee”. I disposed of the hazard and should not have been charged. I never received the electrostatic filter promised. My credit card was billed $1284 listed as carpet upholst. I have no carpet.
The negative air box attached to one vent did not clean the ducts. It filled my house with odors from other houses. ___ told me there was a 5-year guarantee on the work and if I was still having allergic reactions I should call. My receipt was not checked for the service contract ___ promised. I called August 16th and spoke with ___. She said she would send it. No contract was sent. I called and spoke with ___ on August 26th and ___ August 27th repeating my request with the same assurances. I question whether there is a contract and the legitimacy of your business and work performed.
I’ve called and complained that I am still suffering allergies and have been scheduled for an inspection August 31st. Please have them remove the UV light that is not working and refund my money from Aug 13, 2010. I have no confidence in the integrity of this service.
I’ve learned that your business is listed as less than 1 year old after changing names and has an “F” rating at BBB with 15 complaints listed and growing. I have read numerous other complaints on the Internet from dissatisfied customers. I hope you will rectify the situation in my home and give me a refund. If not I intend to take every action necessary to be compensated for my inconvenience and loss.

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  • Fa
      May 05, 2011

    We called this company for a duct cleaning and the tech told my husband that we had mold and he suggested to replace the a/c unit or do a coil and blower cleaning. He also told my husband that he should replace the a/c since our unit is 7 yrs old and he would give us a new unit for $ 3000.00. My husband went with the new unit and gave him his bank card because he was told to pay for it first so that the company could order it. Later that evening he called the tech back and told him that he had decided to not go with a new unit but that he would have the coils and blower cleaned instead. The tech told him that would be no problem. He still tried very hard to convince my husband to go with a new unit!! The next day the tech came back, it took him about 1/2 hr to " clean the coils and blower " and he also installed a U.V light to our original unit all for $ 800.00, 200 for the coil cleaning, 200 for the blower cleaning and 400 for the u.v light. After 2 days of checking for the $3000 credit and noticing that it was not there, my husband called and asked for the person incharge of that department and he was transfered to Kim Edwards, he left her a message. After calling her several times on different days and not getting a hold of her my husband decided to call our bank and put a stop on the charge. Days went by and finally our bank got a letter from K.E. and on that letter she says that we did have our unit replaced on 3/7 and that the coil and blower cleaning that we paid $800 for on 3/8 was work done that does not have to do with the unit. So, I'm not a licensed a/c tech but, if i replaced my unit, wouldn't the new unit bring coils and a blower????? Why would I pay to have them cleaned if they were new and according to them just installed the day before???????. We had 2 other companies come out and inspect our unit and they both agreed that our unit was never changed and to top it off our coils were never cleaned. It was very hard to get them to put this in writting because it's a delicate matter, they don't wan't to be put in the middle but they did because they truly feel that we are being ripped off and it's not right, people work very hard for their money. We have taken pics, and they have taken pics. I've called the owner and I'm still waiting to get a call back. My next step is to contact the licensing board. I bet they respond back real quick!!!.

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  • Ma
      May 06, 2011

    I'm sorry more people have been hurt by this company. I hope they respond to you. FLA A/C did not compensate my losses for the damage done in the service they performed described in the previous letter. Since I signed an agreement in fine print on the receipt when they were in my home American Express could do nothing to help me. I paid another $500 to the company that installed my air conditioner one year ago to replace the shorted out heater that was wired wrong by FLA A/C causing the heat to come on every time the A/C came on. The company never responded to my calls or letter. I hope others will read these complaints before trusting them. I see their ads in the paper all the time claiming now to be a "green" company. Green in money from ripped off customers. Be warned.

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