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FL Mover's and Storge / overcharging /damage and unreceived items

1 236 N. Federal Hwy.Dania Beach, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 1 866 305 9370

The true story that was my worst nightmare with a moving company called FL Movers. My husband and I decided to live in Arizona for a year while he finished the Ritz Carlton hotel he was working on. His company rented a furnished house for us but since we have two small children we decided to move half of our belongings (things to make it feel like home) for our children and put the rest in storage. On November 2, 2008 after receiving several quotes from moving company’s my husband decided to go with a company called FL Movers to have our belongings moved from Florida to Arizona. FL Movers required a deposit of $450.00 to confirm the move paid on a company visa and then half of the cost up front the day they arrived. They were paid $1375.00 via the company visa again the afternoon of the 2nd when three men showed up to pack our house. We went over everything that was to be moved including both of our children’s bedrooms including furniture, toys, clothing ect. Everything in their playroom including all toys and a big screen TV, the plasma TV from mine and my husbands bedroom, the tanning bed from my bedroom, all of mine and my husbands clothing, the big screen TV from our downstairs living room, the computer from our home office, and several boxes of items such as DVD’s a game system (Xbox 360) and other items. Right away we started having problems with the head man in charge and since we have moved several times before never having any problems with any other moving company’s I knew things weren’t right. The estimate we were given more then doubled and right away I told them to stop packing. The man who was in charge kept trying to go over it with us all the mean while telling his men to continue packing. He had my husband and I walking the house with him to show him every specific item while his men were packing and loading. He told us that he would have his boss the owner talk with us about the price to get it close to the estimate. They packed and loaded the truck as we were continuing to argue over the price and after talking to the owner he agreed to only raise the price an extra $480.00. At around 7:00 that evening they told us they would be leaving for the night and return the next morning to finish packing and loading. The next morning a different moving company arrived telling us that the owner sub contracted the move to them, my husband and I told them the rest of what needed to be packed and loaded and we were told it would be an add ional $1500.00 I told them I wanted all of my belongings and that we would NOT be using them to move. I was informed that all of the items packed and loaded the night before were in a warehouse in Ft. Lauderdale FL. and that would be where the rest of the items were going to be moved from. After once again arguing with this owner he agreed not to charge us any extra other then the $480.00 we already agreed on. Our items were to arrive in Arizona November 7, 2008 on the 6th of November we were called and told our items would not be arriving until Monday the 10th which they did not on the 12th I called back and was told they were in Tennessee and he did not know when we could expect them to arrive I then told him to hold everything I did not want my items moved because I was afraid I would never be getting them. The owner we had be dealing with Michel told me that he needed something in writing stating we no longer wanted the items to go to Arizona and that we wanted them back at our home where they were packed and loaded at. I sent two different emails confirming this and contacted Michele on Saturday the 15th he then told me they would be at my home Monday morning the 17th around 10:00 am and he needed an another $1800.00 cash or postal money order in addition to the remaining $1500.00 owed for a total of $3300.00. On the morning of the 17th two men showed up with our belongings and started unloading the truck after removing a few items the driver was contacted by Michel and told we needed to pay $3300.00 cash before anything came off the truck. We told the driver that we did not owe $3300.00 and were not paying until we could make sure we had all of our items and they were in good condition. The driver stated he did not have an inventory list of what items he was to give us and could not remove anything without the money first. The driver then contacted Michel to let him know we did not agree with the price and was told to leave with our stuff. My husband and I went through the few boxes that were removed from the truck and to our horror they were many broken items. We received 2 wardrobe boxes 1 large box my daughter’s castle bed, her bookshelf, my tanning bed and 1 big screen TV. My daughter’s step 2 castle bed was fine but her bookshelf was broken my tanning bed had a crack in it but otherwise will work. Both wardrobe boxes were filled to the top but the clothing was just thrown in them and there was no bar for hanging. The one large box we did receive was miscellaneous items but it also had broken items such as my son’s new car’s lampshade and two pictures which should have been wrapped and packed separately. Later that evening around 9:30 pm the two moving men showed up again the driver begging us to pay because he said he would loose his job we wanted the rest of our things and agreed to pay but only what we owed and not the extra $1800.00 Michel wanted after talking to Michel again on the phone and him threatening us we called the police. Michel told us he would be charging us by the day until we came up with all the money he wanted in cash. Since this has happened we have been contacted twice by someone from the company, the last time they called was on the 9th of December and we were told they were going to auction off our belongings.

To this day we have not received our items
1 Big Screen TV 60”
1 Plasma TV
1 13”in princess tv with DVD Player
Entertainment Center/
Daughter’s dresser
Xbox 360
None of my children’s toys
Most all of our clothing
About 15 Wardrobe boxes
About 21 Large boxes

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