FL College of Natural HealthAdmissions fraud, failure to fulfill contracts with students per admission statements, poor education, no career placement

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Students primarily attend FCNH, to further their careers in the areas of massage or skincare.

Skincare students are taught exclusively from the Milady textbook, which is full of misinformation and half-truths. For instance, in the career chapter, the book suggests that with an aesthetician license, one can walk into jobs that actually require further education and licenses -- mortuary cosmetics, for example. Job skills (resume writing, cover letters) are discussed in the broadest and most basic terms. Again, no specifics germane to beauty, cosmetics, skincare, etc.

The teachers tend to push pseudo-science and some pressure students to follow their thinking on subjects with no data to substantiate. Staff turnover is high, and the student body is disregarded when demanding higher standards, called "negative" by the administration. All in all, the school's/Steiner's corporate culture is one of wishful thinking, obfuscation and confusion. Slap dash presentation of educational materials and minimal clinic curriculum are the norm. While other FL schools cover body wraps and peels, FCNH does not.

Real world advice on getting a job in the field is nil. Staff in the admissions department ought to wear masks. Their misrepresentation of what the school offers, in exchange for the high tuition, is tantamount to highway robbery. I say this in the strongest language that I can, as students graduate devastated by debt, only to be ignored by the so-called Department of Career Services.

Shame on the leadership of this school, and shame on the corporation that promotes it.


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      Aug 26, 2009

    I agree. The staff at this so called college are a bunch of liars. I wish I never went there. The only thing I can say to others is stay far away from this place unless you like to give away your money. They ruined my life for almost 2 years, and now I am in debt. There are hardly any jobs in this field, unless you can come up with alot of money to start your own business. The career services are just students of this school that couldnt find a job, so they have no experience in that field. Shame on this institution!

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  • J
      Jul 21, 2010

    I agree. This school is a huge waste of money and time. I advise anyone reading this and thinking 'this has to be an exaggerasion' to reconsider. The education I recieved in the Basic Massage Program wasn't bad, I'll admit that much- but for 12 grand I expected A LOT more.

    The text books(if indeed they could be called such) were full of miss-spelled words, incorrect information, and blank parts we were supposed to fill in/color. We once had a very good Anatomy teacher, PHD if you can believe it. Every single test/quiz he gave us ened with him giving us points because the information given in the book didn't match the information asked for on the test/quiz. Other teachers of such supjects (i.e Pathology) were just LMT's reading information to us from the books. I paid A LOT of money to just have information parroted at me, I probably would have been better off just googling. Infact many times my note margins contained the phrase "google it" because the 'teacher' couldn't throughly explain a subject. I paid $850 for sub-par, color by number, SPIRAL BOUND notebooks. Oh, and any Gen. Ed. classes you take, chances are those credits won't transfer.

    The teachers are a joke, with a few exceptions. Of the numerous 'instructors' of this school only three or four deserve the title, the rest I think Steiner plucked off the street and said, "Stand in front of a bunch of students and just repeat information from this book at them, can you do that?" At which they stranger replied, "Ummmm... I guess so?"

    And don't even think about missing a class, a strict attendence policy is strictly enforced. Failed a class due to poor attendence? You can take it again... should you fail again you don't just take an F and call it a day, you get dropped from the program entirely. I learned this two days before I was sent to finish a class I had to re-take(after waiting two months after I grad. to get a chance). I had missed a few classes because the schedule I had recieved WASN'T the final one, and the dates changed. I had no warning, nothing. I couldn't take off work, so I had to miss school(I can make-up hours for school, I'd get fired from work). I was spoken to like I was an idiot, like I had taken off from school on a lark or something. No respect what-so-ever.

    This school doesn't care about you, all they care about is getting your tuition. To anyone considering getting an education in Massage(I can't say any thing about the Skin care programs) run as far and as fast as you can away from this school. God I wish I had.

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