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FL Child Support Enforcement Agency / GOLD DIGGERS

1 Orlando, FL, United States Review updated:

*****DISCLAIMER*****I also posted this on under Rants & Raves************I KNOW I am not the only victim in this SCAM!!!****As you read this...I am busy making phone calls, researching FLORIDA LAW and seeking legal representation!!!********This has got to stop and LAW(S) MUST BE CHANGED*****************God Bless to all who take genuine responsiblity in making sure CHILDREN have a decent start in life by not being a victim !!!

I think the state of Florida should re-evaluate every single employee who receives a paycheck in their downtown Child Support Enforcement Agency...Orlando office!
Because for several reasons these clock monkeys don't know what in the H*** they are doing!

I moved from another state. Apparently if you apply for Food Stamps/Medicaid etc.. and receive child support from another state, You are required to ALLOW the STATE of FLORIDA to redirect YOUR CHILD SUPPORT with them! IF you CHOOSE NOT to have your child support REDIRECTED, you then forfeit your "privledges" of receiving anykind of assistance from Florida!...AND AS IF it's a PRIVLEDGE!! Receiving FOOD STAMPS is not something I'm PROUD OF...gimme a break Florida!!!
Ya wanna know what's funny?!?!?!?
I was in fact denied FOOD STAMPS and MEDICAID...LOL!!! And in the meantime, FLORIDA and their self righteous office monkeys STILL SUCCESSFULLY DIPPED into my Child Support Income and had it redirected!! In the process of this "REDIRECTION", someone (they won't say who) performed a GINORMOUS mistake resulting in cutting my children and I out of more than 75% of those funds!!
SO NOW, as a single MOTHER, who WORKS, who is a STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN doing all that is right for her facing EVICTION because her child support funds have STOPPED!!!
*****IF ONLY ONE OF THOSE MONKEYS WOULD HAVE EXPLAINED TO ME FROM THE GET GO why this redirection was needed...ALL of this could have been avoided because I DIDNT QUALIFY FOR ASSISTANCE...YOU there was no need to even REDIRECT MY SUPPORT!!!

I think FLORIDA is a GREEDY place to live!!! This state now HOLDS my child support and collects INTEREST ON THE FUNDS...Meanwhile, my boys and I are hanging on for dear life!!
******IF I WAS A betting WOMAN, I'd lay what money I do have left on the fact that I would QUALIFY for FOOD STAMPS NOW!*************

Thanks !

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  • Po
      9th of May, 2009
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    Child Support is not and never has been about childern! Jest remember that the state of Florida get 52 cent on every dollar that thay collect from Title-lV Social Security and goverment grant like food stamp that the states get for free. as for mediciad thay take that out of every hard working person pay check every week. Remember that Child Support is a STATE OWNED. FEDERIAL GOVERMENT FUNDED. PRIVATE DEPT COLLECTION AGENCY FOR PROFIT for the states! And if you think that thay the "BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD" at heart then you are in for a big surprise. Jest think thay got there money and yours this is how thay make there money.

  • Al
      11th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I think we know each other Wonder Woman, yet my prob;lem with both is a little different. I am a single disabled father and I am the one that is supposed to collect. The mother owes over 17K. Yet this stupid state is giving her a free ride from having to pay because she collects food stamps. The fact is that anybody who OWES child support is not supposed to be eligible to collect any kind of assistance at all. This I take directly from the US Code. Either way the system sucks !!!

  • An
      11th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    If I understand correctly, you work and receive child support, and were still asking the state and the taxpayers to cough up money to support you?

    Think you have it bad now? If you were the father and were in the exact same situation, you'd be in jail now, instead of being able to complain and post your message on the internet.

    Either way, how do you claim to be "independent" while expecting the state to help support you? "Independent" is when you take care of your responsibilities yourself.

  • 40
      10th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Independent does not always mean that you can handle EVERYTHING on your own. Especially with 4 boys!!!

    This state does have its own interest at heart, and the Child Supoort Enforement Office does have its own stake of what you get.

    I applied for food stamps after being "downsized" for some extra help while I was looking for another job. When I tried to explain to them that my husband and don't always live in the same house (he spends half the year on the road teaching) but he still sends me at least $1, 000 a month for the kids they INSISTED I would have to comply with CSE if I was to recieve any benefits.

    When I went they tried to slip an authorization for a court ordered child support hearing by me! She actually said "oh, don't worry about that its just legal mumbo jumbo everyone has to sign"! The nerve!!! How many people are they swindling likie this??

    The more questions I asked the more irritated she became until she basically kicked me out of her office and told me "You obviously don't want any help". ARE YOU CRAZY?? Anyone who has gone through this process knows how much time you will be sitting in office after office just trying to get a little help.

    GREEDY GREEDY GREEDY!!! So after all of that they sent me back to DCF to "correct" my appliation, which was only incorrect because they (DCF) wouldn't listen to me in the first place and sent me to CSE!!!

    RIDICULOUS!!! Good luck and much patience to anyone out there dealing with this crooked system!!!

  • Ti
      12th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I WANNA start by saying i am a single mom. Heres the other side of the coin my friend is going through a divorce (male ) he makes $1100.00 a month and she thinks she is entitled to $800.00 a month she works at $10.00 an hour and gets $481.00 in food stamps a month for 2 small children plus he already gives her $400.00 a month . And she says $400.00 is not enough even though that only leaves him with $700.00 to cover his rent, electric food etc. If he has to pay $800.00 he will have $300.00 to live on a month TELL ME WHO THE HELL CAN LIVE ON THAT ???? She understands if he has to pay her$800.00 he will be on the streets because he can live on $300.00 therefore he will not be able to work then he gets thrown in jail.She does not care but yet she says she puts the children first when she denies his rights to see his kids always. THERE ARE ALOT OF GREEDY NASTY WOMEN OUT THERE !!! Who use there vindictiveness against the fathers and say they are doing this for the children . ### YOU WOMEN DO IT FOR THE MONEY GREEDY VINDICTIVE . So her my friend has to live beyond poverty because she thinks its owed to her. BULL . MEN have no rights in florida unless they have money. Which my friend does not. I SEE AND HEAR WOMEN LIKE THIS AND IT MAKES ME ASHAMED TO BE FEMALE. SHE ALSO IS NOT CLAIMING CHILD SUPPORT AND GETTING FOOD STAMPS WHICH IS FRAUD . But she believes she is above the law that she can do whatever she wants. All in the pursuit of revenge NOT FOR the children. Heres the thing WOMEN out there when you play these games it will BITE you in the butt one day. Because your children will figure out the truth one day. HERES THE NAME OF THE GREEDY ### THAT LIVES IN FLORIDA AND FRAUDS THE SYSTEM AND TRYING TO PUT A MAN ON THE STREETS JENNIFER HILL LIVES IN St Petersburg, fl. The system in FLORIDA SUCKS . I am on the other side of the coin I am single mother of 1 daughter never got a dime in child support nor was i ever given food stamps or state assistance i made $100.00 to much. But i make it. And i raised a good kid who knows what its like to see her mother struggle and knows the importance of going to college and being able to support yourself because you never know when things do not work out with someone and you need to always be able to rely on yourself not others to support you. That i have taught her.

    Tired of GREDDY Women

  • St
      7th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    I'm so sick of this fraudulent system, its unconstitutional, its crooked as it can be and cares nothing about the lives it destroys.I think its total [censor] that they intercept my income tax but dont give it to my child for 6 months, I guess thats how long it takes for the interest to mature, but what can I do ? they call osama bin ladin a terrorist, they need to look in the mirror.

  • Ja
      19th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    I'm a mother of two, one of the two is my ex boyfriend's child, now he's in IL and I'm in FL, IL is doing their job and sending my son's his child support and all of a sudden the checks stop coming!!!???!!! I was so pissed and decided to call IL ( I still talk to my ex and he's paying ) well IL proves their sending the money so I call FL! guess what they got all the money and won't send it to me because they don't have the order to send it but if you got no order then why are you collecting? I get no help from the state, and both me and the father decided this was the best way and now we're being [censored]ED in the [censor] I had to change my whole budget because of this and I put more then half of this money towards my son's needs, this state is soooooo greedy and I can't understand how they get away with it, and another thing I was told they will send it when they get a court order from IL and when they do they will send what is ordered per month so all the money they are building up on will just sit and rot because I will never see any of it!

  • Do
      18th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Ok so here is my issue a girl hide from me for 3 years while i tried to find her so i could start sending her money for the kid she wanted to abort also the kid that i asked her to let me raise since she didnt want it she refused so i gave up after these 3 years i got married became an instant dad because my wife had a daughter when i meet her we had another kid during this time then she deciced that she wanted me to pay after keeping this kid from me and getting pregnant herself without being able to afford it so this is why she came after me for child support i told the state of florida that if the did this it would ruin my families financial situation because we were just making it well of course no concerne of thiers well here we are now about to go into foreclosure filing bankrupcy unable to survive due to the monies taken from me every month now my question is if children are so important in the state of florida how come my kids that live with suffer due too someone elses lack of responsibility, and oh yeah i havent had a tax return in three years of which a large part of is child tax credit on the kids that live in my house

  • So
      29th of Nov, 2011
    +1 Votes

    well my ex is only ordered to 8.00 a week and owes over $21, 000.00 for 2 kids he nevers pays on, in 20 yrs time he has only paid 16 payments of 8.00 and florida isnt enforceing anything on his sorry no good azz. They are supposed to have been taking his tax returns and i have yet to see any of this happen. They suppend his florida license so he goes to another state and gets a license. he will be dead before he can pay the money owed at 8.00 a week...i wish i could just get something..but in the mean time the man i remarried has paid his child support over the years and supported my exs children and god forbid he missed one payment he would be in jail and have to 1, 000.00 to get out when he didnt owe but 1 payment that he missed, so he was always paid ahead but got not consideration for the support he was giving for the non-supporter.

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