fix it!PRO / duplicated instructions

1 South Australia, Australia

I have just purchased your "fix it!PRO" motor vehicle scratch repair pen.
Included with the pen were two small bottles, one marked "Car Wash Concentrate" and the other marked "Quick Detailer".
However, the instructions on the back of the bottles are identical, and BOTH give instructions for the use of the "Quick Detailer".
Very poor packaging quality control !!!
Now which one is which ????
Do I waste part of each product to try to determine which one is a car wash and which one is a detailer ???
And just how do I tell the bloody difference ????
Also, in finding your website to lodge this complaint, I noticed the comments by other customers. There was not ONE single favourable comment, and from the comments, I do NOT expect your product to work.
Is this another example of American greed ?? And you wonder why America has such a bad reputation around the world !!!
Not looking forward to dealing with you again
Geoff Jonas


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