Fivedollarsoftwarehouse.comRip off

I was ripped off $700 from this guy (Lee Beckett) recently. He sold me pirated Intuit software, claiming it was retail CD only versions. I discovered they were bootlegs after visiting the Intuit website and checking their anti-piracy features. Flat out lied and misrepresented his products.

I have not checked the other software he has for sale, but I'm sure that it is all pirated. You will not be able to buy something for $5.95/ea and sell them for $60/ea.

I did report this site to several piracy investigation websites and hopefully this joker will be shut down.

P.S. In a response to one of my emails, the guy said he used to sell these on eBay but got tired of answering questions from buyers. Why the hell would he open a website and sell his items at "wholesale" prices when he could keep answering questions on eBay and make 15x as much?

Stay away...


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