Five Star TravelUnauthorized billing


My wife and I attended a presentation in Parsippany, NJ today. After sitting though a 90 minute presentation to which we were promised 2 domestic airline tickets, a 2 night stay at a Marriott, a 1 week car rental and a $30 voucher for dinner, it turned out to be a SCAM. When you walk in the office, it appears as if its a front and could disappear overnight. Tried to sell us several different packages and met with the manager. Found out he lived in Arizonia which gave further evidence this was a SCAM. After we refused to sign up, was told they were out of the vouchers and would be mailed to us. Gave us a voucher for the car rental, but after reading it, had to mail in $100. No guarantee we would ever see the voucher. STAY AWAY FROM THEM

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