Five Star Macon,GA / Refusing to pay me for when I recently worked there.

1 3068 Riverside Drive, Macon, GA, United States
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Courtney Pipkin [protected] courtney.[protected] Company; Five Star 3068 Riverside Drive, Macon, GA [protected] OR [protected] Owner of Five Star; Mr. Cantrell William Gresham (Supervisor over me) or Blake Scott (Supervisor over my Manger Ahmad Cason, Who this complaint is somewhat towards) How and When I was paid; I was paid every week on Thursday by check through Direct Deposit with my Bank Robins Federal Credit Union. Complaint; I was recently employed as a BDC Agent at Five Star on 3068 Riverside Drive in Macon, GA 31206. I have been trying to call and email Five Star for William Gresham, OR Blake Scott and no one will answer the phone or voicemails nor reply back to my emails. I have some things that I would like to discuss. Ahmad Cason was my Manager and I have talked to him the day I resigned. My issue is I only got paid $177 on my check for the last week I worked and the week before that I only got paid $188 on my check and I know why it is. It is because William Gresham had not fixed my time corrections on Compli (a software we use to send in time corrections and such) that I Submitted on the 23rd as I forgot to Clock into Work at 11:00am (l worked that day until 8:00pm) on the 28th I Submitted my correct time for Friday the 25th as I forgot to Clock back in from Lunch (@ 4:15) (worked 11:00am until 8:00pm). I have confronted Ahmad Cason about the issue when I was still working at Five Star and he told me that he would have it fixed but, he did not do so. I realized it the day I resigned that none of my time corrections were opened and fixed. So I deserve to get paid for the correct amount of hours that I worked when I was there. The week of the 23rd of November (17th-23rd) I worked 32 hours. I should have received $288 on my check but instead I received $188. That's $100 less then what I should have received. On my last check I should have had $20 added to my check from a spiff we had one Saturday. I talked to Blake Scott and he did not have any change at the time to give me the $20 so Blake told me to let him get change and he would give it to Ahmad to give to me. The next day came and I still had not received my $20. So Blake came in the next day, when I confronted him talked to Ahmad and told him to write a voucher and add it to my check. Which in which Ahmad did neither of those things. I also asked Ahmad the day of me resigning about if I was going to receive my commission check and he did not tell me until after the fact of me resigning that I will not get my commission check for the month of November because I resigned. He failed to tell me that beforehand, I worked hard for that Commission check and then because I resigned on the last day of the month you cannot pay me for that? That is not right at all! I should receive my commission check for the month of November, that I worked for. So needless to say Five Star owes me $342 for commission. (With no taxes taken out because I was told there was no taxes taken out). I Sold 7 Cars and had 34 Appointments Show for the Month of November. Each Sold car is $10 and each Show is $8; I made $70 off of Sold cars and $272 off of Showed Appointments. So all together Five Star owes me a total of $462. All I ask is for Five Star to keep their word and pay me what I was supposed to get paid and not rip me off, So far they have done nothing but lied and ripped me off. So If I could receive my money that they owe me that would be greatly appreciated. Resolution I am seeking; I would like to receive the $462 that Five Star owes me from working and refuses to give me.

Dec 14, 2015

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