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I've tried this service for a year.
I have gotten one qualified lead in that time. One meeting in a year. Oh, and I sell over $20 million in real estate each year so I'm not lazy or inexperienced.
I probably received 12 leads this past year where Bob's telemarketer would say the prospect is interested in meeting. They never set an appointment. I would call those leads back within an hour or two of them being sent and try and set up that appointment. No answer. So, I'd leave a message. And then I'd follow up. Nothing. I seriously doubt these people know who I am or what makes me different. I suspect the telemarketer asked if they would take a call from a realtor and they said yes just to get him off the phone. In a year 11 of the 12 were unqualified. In one year there was one face to face meeting with a guy who had no intention of hiring a realtor.

Once Bob Fitzgerald got my money I never heard from him again. He assigned me to Meghan Miller but she doesn't return calls either. She emails. And, now she doesn't even do that. So, if this was a "Coaching" contract I didn't receive any coaching.

I would join the rest of you in a lawsuit If that's what it would take to stop Bob Fitzgerald from scamming other top realtors. We need to break the cycle.

Mar 10, 2018

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