Fitoosbasketball hoop net ring wall mounted outdoor hanging basket

I ordered a standard basketball hoop that included a basketball net along with it, the picture that was provided for the product and the actual product itself were two different things i.e. they falsely advertised the product or perhaps I got a wrongly manufactured one. For one, the number of 'holes' in the hoop and the number of hoops of the net I was provided with did not match. not only this but the shape of the basketball hope was clearly different then what was shown in the photo. I will include a link to the product below along with the pictures of the product shown in the shop vs the actual product. I would prefer if you could provide me with a string that had the same number of hoops as the holes in the basketball hoop as that would be more convenient for me as I do not have the original packing intact and it would be quite troublesome for me to get a refund.
For the record, the number of 'holes' in the basketball hoop are 8, while the number of hoops of the net are 12. So if you could send me either a hoop with 12 holes or a net with 8 hoops that would be much appreciated. Whatever action you decide you decide to take, please inform be of it beforehand. Thank you.


  • Updated by Anas Haq, Nov 24, 2018

    If you look at the 'holes' of the basketball hoop, you will see that the one in the shop are not the ones that are present in the one that I was provided.

Nov 24, 2018

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