Fitness USA/ National Credit Corporation / Automatic Payment Scam

A year or more ago I cancelled my gym membership with Fitness USA due to a relocation. I also paid off and cancelled the credit card I had used to pay membership dues, shortly thereafter. Recently I received in the mail a statement from National Credit Corporation, stating that I had applied for automatic monthly payments to their company, but that I had been denied. For my "convenience, " address labels were provided in the letter so that I could send them monthly payments in the amount of $34.
I had no recollection of applying for any automatic bill payment, so I was automatically suspicious. However, as I owe money to a similar-sounding agency, I almost sent in the first check immediately. Fortunately I waited, and looked up the National Credit Corporation online. That was when I discovered the link between Fitness USA and NCC. This is a blatantly fraudulent scheme designed to prey on people who are deep in debt, and therefore more inclined to have applied for automatic bill payment. I urge there to be an investigation into this matter.

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