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Fitness Hub / Fraud - bogus credit card charges

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Fitness Hub
I received a credit card charge of 29.95 dated 7/06/09 from the "Fitness Hub" in the state of Nevada. I have no idea what this charge is for and do not recall any business done with the "Fitness Hub" When I called the Customer Service Department at "Fitness Hub" at 1.866.407.1022 - the customer service representative could not locate my name or address or charge in their computer. I suggest the Better Business Department in the state of Nevada should beware of this firm "Fitness Hub"


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A  21st of Jul, 2009 by 
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I just got the same charge. on 7/20...
A  25th of Jul, 2009 by 
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I was just charged 29.95 on 7/22! I have contacted the customer service department and am waiting to hear something...

Kim Hudson
A  26th of Jul, 2009 by 
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I have also been charged 29.95, not only by djm*lifstylefit and fitnesshub, but another company by the name of myshpmyway.
I had also called djm in June and cancelled any further business with them, the only problem was the rep did not give me a confirmation number. Today I did get a confirmation number, along w/ the reps name. I wonder how many programs are represented by these companies. I know now to keep verifying what charges are on my credit card statement. Just be aware that you may still get that 29.95 charge but by another company from another state (UT, NV).

Make sure if you ever try a "free 30 days" whatever, that you cancel before the 30 days, and when you do cancel get that confirmation number.

A  30th of Jul, 2009 by 
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I too just found two charges in July and June for Fitness Hub, the number on the charge goes to a compressed air company. I came here and saw the customer service number, called, they told me I signed up for it etc.. I denied that and told them I wanted my money back, they said they would refund 1 charge I said no either I got it all back or I file fraud charges through my bank and the BBB, of course the supervisor was busy and couldn't authorize a refund and will call me back in 30 minutes. I've been to their website just now and I've never seen it before so no idea how they got me. Just the fact that the phone number on the charge being bogus says something I think.

N  30th of Jul, 2009 by 
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I had the same thing. I wonder if this is somehow related to the recent purchase of Nutrisystems?
N  30th of Jul, 2009 by 
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If you threaten to notify your bank they'll give a credit. I did. I'm waiting to see if a credit shows up on my account.
N  30th of Jul, 2009 by 
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I too have received this charge on my account!! How can these companies possibly get our account numbers to charge us for things we (1) don't want, (2) didn't order and (3) haven't received anything for the charge. I am very upset by this open exchange of information and do not feel safe with my account being so open to the world. I have spoken to customer service and they say they will cancel my account...this is what what said months ago when I initially cancelled...what am I supposed to do to prevent further changes for bogus products when a million companies have access to my account??? Please help to CANCEL ANY FURTHER PRODUCT CHARGES ASAP!!!
N  4th of Aug, 2009 by 
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Yeah, me too. A charge of 19.95 was billed to my account. When I called to find out who they were, they said I had ordered a sample trial of Bromalite and that is why I'm automatically signed up for this "fitness program." I didn't want the Bromalite either and cancelled their products after bogus charges from them. If that wasn't enough they then passed my credit card info to this fraudulent company!
A  16th of Aug, 2009 by 
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I received unauthorized monthly charge of $29.95 to my credit card. The first month is was under DJM Lifestylefit.com. I did not know what it was and tried to figure it out. I figured I might remember if it showed up on my next month's bill. The second month, it did not show up but another charge of $29.95 showed up this time under fitcliq. It did not show up under that name the third month, but that same $29.95 charge showed up under FITNESSHUB.

By this time, I knew that I had paid for this product and started investigating. I called the customer service number provided and they told me they represented FIT FACTORY and that I had agreed to this monthly charge after purchasing a health and beauty product in a pharmacy in Montreal. And that I had agreed to a 14 day free trial to a program provided by FitFactory.com and that they had sent an email to my account to confirm.

First, I can pretty much tell you that: 1) I was not informed whatsoever by the pharmacy in Montreal that I had been signed up for a free trial to any program as a result of a purchase. 2) I do not have any material, written or otherwise, that informed me that I was enrolled in this program and 3) I did not receive any email confirmation of my enrollment.

Second, any legitimate business would not charge an individual's credit card under different names each month. The only reason for that is to avoid detection of fraudulent charges and hope that the consumer doesn't realize they are being fleeced and duped.

There are two known addresses tied to this business:

305 W. Broadway Apt. 114
New York, NY 10013

and the other:

Blue Sky Marketing
303 Park Avenue South Suite # 1131
New York, New York 10010-3657
United States

Both addresses seem to imply a shady business and running a business that barely skirts the edges of legality. This is something that some major media news organization should look into and protect the U.S. consumer from. While this may not qualify as a case for the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), surely the Federal Trade Commission or the Attorney General of New York State should look into as a potential case for prosecution.
N  27th of Aug, 2009 by 
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My mom received several bogus charges on her credit card account including $19.95, $79.69, and a $69.79 charges. She did order a "risk-free" trial of ColoCure/Trislim and was told that she would only have to pay $4.95 for shipping and handling. While talking to customer service, she was informed that there were hidden fees and a membership that goes along with the "risk-free samples". One representative said that they sent her an email informing her of all these fees, but she never received any information. At first, they told her that they would refund her "80% of the fees", but after going through several hoops and talking to several more people, they gave her a full refund and a refund account number. Until these charges showed up on her account, she had never heard of this company. I have read several other complaints that all say the same thing : Fitness Hub is a bogus company that ropes people in with "risk-free trials", but charges outrageous hidden fees. They scam.
A  10th of Sep, 2009 by 
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After making an online purchase from GotBody.com, my credit card received a charge of $29.95 from FitnessHub. This is a scam allowed by GotBody.com, do not purchase from that website.

I have made many previous purchases from GotBody.com with no problems, then they claim that on my last purchase I agreed to a 14 day free trial membership to Fitnesshub, and if not cancelled they begin charging my card $29.95 per month. The email confirmation from Gotbody.com does not list a membership to a different company. Going through the Gotbody.com purchase system, there is never an agreement presented to the customer, and their customer service people cannot produce the agreement. I called the fitnesshub 800-881-9424 number and a processing agent in the Philippines immediately agreed to refund my card, leaving the charge on my account for no more than 30 days. Her manager Mona Alera in the US gave me the Fit Factory address of 305 W Broadway #114, New York, NY 10013, and said they are not responsible for the interest charges resulting from their charge.

I called my credit card company, they said this charge will have a dispute filed against it and I will not be liable for the interest charges, and the Visa representative said they do get many disputes against Fitness Hub and Fitness Factory.

Do not purchase from GotBody.com, they are one of the companies giving the credit card information to Fitness Hub and Fitness Factory.

Our company represents some of the Fit Factory programs which may show on a billing statement as Fitness Hub. Fit Factory is a companion program that comes with various Dietary products and I apologize for any misunderstanding that might have occurred when you purchased your dietary supplement(s) online. Fit Factory offers our customers live chat support with licensed Fitness Trainers and Dietitians, flash galleries for yoga and workouts, links to recipes and can also assist with menu planning. This program also offers a variety of diets for special needs that can be customized to fit your nutrition and/or weight loss goals.

All pertinent information is provided before entering any method of payment information for your supplement - this provides you access to all the terms and disclosures, as well as Customer service numbers for your product and the companion program(s) that accompany it, for greatest support and success with your product.

Customer service for Fit Factory can be reached at 1-877-407-1022 - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - and they will happy to assist you in trying to locate an account and addressing your concerns.

If you are another customer that is reading this and you have already tried customer service, but feel that we have failed you in some way or you feel you weren't treated fairly please call me directly at 435-773-1795, or email me at customerservice@cshelp.org, I will be happy to address your concerns ASAP.

Online Customer Support


I entered this complaint the morning of Sept. 10, 2009. The folks at GotBody and FitnessHub are keenly aware of their deceptive business practices, and they posted their comment to my complaint within two hours after I entered it at ComplaintsBoard.com.

Here is email correspondence from GotBody.com

Dear Brittney (GotBody.com Customer Service),

There may be an already checked opt-out formatted signup on the last page, but this is after providing my credit card information for the agreed upon transaction. The signup is not part of the original transaction and you are not authorized to bill my card. I expect compensation for the interest accruing from my credit card company due to your unauthorized charge.

Your email states that GotBody.com is working on discontinuing your relationship with FitnessHub; however, complaints listed on ComplaintsBoard.com show GotBody has been aware of the problems since January, 2009, and possibly earlier. As of September 10, 2009, GotBody.com and FitnessHub are stilll in partnership and it does not appear that you are trying to end your deceitful practices.



--- On Thu, 9/10/09, Service wrote:

From: Service
Subject: RE: Contact Us Enquiry
To: k
Date: Thursday, September 10, 2009, 12:27 PM

Hello K,

I completely understand your concern. The corporation that owns GotBody.com
has decided to implement the Fit Club program on our website in order to
remain competitive. There is a program sign-up on the last page of checkout,
and it is an opt-out formatted sign-up. I apologize for any inconvenience
you may have experienced from missing it. I have no problem cancelling your
trial membership if it has not already been cancelled.

If you decide to order from us in the future, the option to sign up for this
program will not show up as long as you sign in with the same email address.
Our system is set up so that once you accept the offer you do not see it
again. Additionally, our management team is working on discontinuing this
affiliate program from our website. We do appreciate your business, and I
apologize for the hassle. Please let me know if there is anything else I can
help you with. Thank you. Have a wonderful day.

Yours in Health,
Brittney (GotBody.com Customer Service)

-----Original Message-----
From: k
Sent: Thursday, September 10, 2009 8:30 AM
To: service@gotbody.com
Subject: Contact Us Enquiry

Mail From K

Last Name

I am a frequent customer of GotBody.com and recently received a bogus credit
card charge from Fitness Hub or Fitness Factory after ordering from your
site. There is no agreement to pay Fitness Hub or Fitness Factory during
your order checkout procedure, and it is obvious your company intentionally
submitted this unauthorized charge to my card. I will no longer purchase
from GotBody.com.
N  28th of Sep, 2009 by 
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I had the $29.95 charge from Fitness Hub. I called the number, and talked to a "customer service representative". He graciously offered 1 month reimbursement. I demanded all 5 months be reimbursed, and told him I would be reporting this to my credit card company to pursue fraud investigation. He quickly got me to a supervisor, who again graciously offered 3 months refund. He repeatedly asked me if this was acceptable - I said no, I wanted all 5 months back. After battling for several minutes, I agreed to accept the 3 months. I also plan to report this to my credit card company, since they are also investigating other fraud issues with my account. PLEASE report this to your credit card company as fraud! This IS fraud. I never received anything about this in any email. MasterCard and Visa have the power to pursue this - we don't. If enough complaints come in, this will stop. Also, I can't help but wonder if this isn't related to the other fraud issues we're having - which has caused us to cancel our account, get a new account, and notify all our autopays of the new account.

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