Fitness 10 / Kept charging after quitting

1 Covina, CA, United States

So, I quit the Fitness 19 in Covina, CA last February because I moved out of the area. Last Sunday, I go online to check my bank statement and, lo and behold, they are still charging me 10 bucks a month. I call Tucker, the manager, explain to him what's up, and he sez he'll get right on it. He asks if I still have the receipt stating that I quit and I say I threw it away a few months back because I figured I didn't need it anymore. He looks up my name in their computer and it's not there. Turns out that when I joined, the (possibly incompetent?) employee entering my info turned the J in my last name into an S. Soooo..., after a few days of the ol' back n forth, Tucker comes to the conclusion that this is all MY fault. He says that 1) I shoulda have kept my receipt (I'm kicking myself in the ### for not doing so) because, since I don't have it, there is no proof I quit, so I'm trying to pull a fast one, and 2) I should have kept better tabs on my bank statements (Yes, he really said that). To which I say, 10 bucks a month?? I use my ATM card a lot and didn't notice 10 bucks a month disappearing from my account until I checked last Sunday and the automatic payment (and yearly service fee ($19.00)) was taken out. Tucker did offer me $40.00 to solve this (40 bucks??? They owe me around $140!!!) Questions: Whatever happened to "The customer is always right"?? Whatever happened to honesty and integrity in business?? I tell ya, I'm ready to say "Keep the money. I'm think instead that I'll warn people about Fitness 19's really flawed business ethics." Fitness 19, you may have cost me $140, but I think, if I can keep a few people from joining your gym and going to your competitors instead, it will end up costing you WAY more than the $140 you (IMO) stole from me. Have a great day!!!

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