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I purchased membership from this company back in June of 2008, for a one year membership. I went in and filled out the papers to end the membership in June of 2009. They told me that I could not cancel membership due to returned check fees, which my bank has denied ever happened, not only that I see where they were able to get funds but no one ever called me to get the payment, when I tried to cancel they told me that I cant cancel, ever it seems and they keep charging me money every month. My service date was up on June of 2009 but I was charged for July August and pre charged for September.

They have really bad equipment and it is extremely dirty in the gym, so I only went there a few times, hoping that it would change, it did not. They got more than enough payments from me to compensate for the 3 or 4 times I had been there. Now they keep charging me, and even though I complained to the Better Business Bureau, I recieved no help what so ever, so I intend to make this situation known to everyone everywhere.

Now they say I owe them 219.94, I agree I may owe them 100 dollars if what they say is true and there was some insufficient funds, however I closed that account back in april and the account would have told them that it was a closed account, they never contacted me at any time until I went in to cancel my account to tell me I owed them. I went to close the account in April and still was not told, I was actually told by the person running the customer service desk that all I had to do was fill out a form which he gave me and I signed, then he said I was all set till I got additional bills. I figured since I went in early that I still owed the 100 for may and June as well as probably early termination fees so 100 dollars is what I owe. But since them they have charged me 119.94 more dollars.

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  • Fi
      Sep 02, 2009

    We are independently owned and have the flexibility to make arrangements for payment on accounts. If you wish to resolve this then contact the billing office instead of posting false information about our facility.

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  • Mi
      Sep 02, 2009

    I have not made any false claims and can produce a copy of the contract and further billing after the date of the program, however after speaking to the company today I was told that she would cancel all charges and send me a letter that says this, if so I will discontinue any further postings about this company and lay off. I am only too happy to stop talking about this company as I hold no ill will towards anyone however I dont want to be taken advantage of ever.

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  • Kj
      Jul 09, 2011

    i feel this person is saying false information. i have been a member for the past 5 months. the people who work there are awesome, friendly, helpful people. AND... the place is clean. I have not ever been in there once where it was dirty. Its immaculate. plus this person said she only went a few times. if that is the case, how do u know its so dirty and bad.

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