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This company took £20 from my account but I do not have their number. Can anyone e-mail me their phone number or address.
My email is [protected]
Many thanks

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  • Fv
      Dec 01, 2008

    This company offered a free trial of its product if you agreed to pay $3.95 USD shipping. I called the number and they said that when I ordered the free trial that I had agreed to sign up for a website for $20/month. I told them that it wasn't authorized and I never recieved any notification of this, so they politely gave me a refund!

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  • Li
      Dec 18, 2008

    Rivers, Robert
    542 Clendenan Ave
    Toronto, ON M5C 2V8

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  • Ma
      Jan 27, 2009

    Can u foward me the number as well. I have been scammmed tooo!


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  • El
      Jan 28, 2009 - Charged without notice
    Rancho Mirage
    United States

    I also ordered the Bromolite trial for 3.95 and my next month's statement shows a charge of 29.95 and a charge for 69.95 for software. This software was not received and I shall contact my credit card company to dispute. This is absolute fraud.

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  • Ro
      Jan 31, 2009

    I also was charged $37.95 for something and I have no idea what it is for.
    It started when I ordered a free sample of ACIA NONI BURNER and had to pay $4.95 for shipping. I was told that I would be charged $1.95 for other offers I would receive by mail and if I wanted to take advantage of these offers, I would be charged $19.95 per month. I had until a certain date to cancel these offers which I did. I then noticed that my credit card was charged $78.95 for something I did not authorize. I have not received anything, not even the free sample. I called the company [protected] ( acia noni) and asked why I was being charged for items I did not receive. They had no explanation but said they would reverse the charges in 7-10 busines days. Today is when I noticed the new charge of $37.95 for ????????. Now I don't know who to call about this because there is no contact number on their website. I will call ACIA NONI again and see if they have an answer. This is a royal pain in my butt.

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  • Ro
      Jan 31, 2009


    I ordered the free trial of ACAI NONI, online about the first week of Jan/09. I got a call a while later to discuss the offer. The only thing I was told was I would be charged $4.95 for shipping of the free trial. I also would receive two other offers on paper for discounts on other merchandise and travel. These were $1.95 each. The deal for these was to be a member and receive future discounts but this would cost me $19.95 EVERY MONTH for each membership. One offer was from [protected] and the other from [protected]. It was up to me to cancel these offers before a certain date or my credit card would be auto charged every month. OK, I cancelled those two offers in time.
    I waited a few weeks and noticed the charge for $4.95 was on my Visa but I hadn’t received my free trial yet. I tried to call the customer service number on ACAI NONI’s website, [protected] but I got a message that their system was down and I didn’t get to talk to anyone. I e-mailed my situation to the e-mail address that was on the answering machine, [protected] I never got an answer back.
    Last week there was a charge on my Visa for $79.95 from ACAI NONI.
    Because of my work schedule I couldn’t call them during their business hours which are 7:30-5:30. Yesterday I called them, [protected] and finally got to talk to someone. After a lot of explaining the problem, which to me is a pain in my royal butt, I got a confirmation number for a refund for the $4.95 free trial I did not receive.
    I got a confirmation number for a refund for the $79.95 for the next shipment, although I hadn’t got to try it yet. I also got a confirmation number that cancels the membership and any future auto shipments.

    I thought I was done until today when I saw a charge on my Visa from [protected] for $37.95 What the hell!!!
    I had to call ACAI NONI back to ask why. They said when you sign up for the free trial, there is another auto membership to I told them I knew nothing about it. They said it is written in their TERMS and CONDITIONS section. I read it and read it and still can’t see anything pertaining to I had to get the phone number for from acai noni because there is no contact number on the website. After arguing with a girl I could barely understand, I demanded a refund for the $37.95. I hope this is the end cuz I’m steaming mad that I had to waste time dealing with this scam.
    If anyone has ordered this free trial, it is not worth the headache. Cancel everything ASAP. Again those numbers are:
    ACAI NONI [protected] [protected] [protected]

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  • El
      Feb 01, 2009

    Repeatedly informed the telephone clerk I was not authorizing anything more than the Acai berry & lifecleans for shipping costs. Now am being charged for membership and software. Did not authorize and this constitutes FRAUD. I am contacting my credit card company to dispute.

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  • La
      Feb 13, 2009

    Sounds like this is happening all over the countyr. I live in michigan usa and got scammed to. you can call your credit card and they will dispute it for you and stop[ other charges. They told me they have MANY people calling about these companies. They gave me the phone number on the charge but i got some lady i couldnt understand . lol and she disputed who she was, I dont believe her . I bet had i wanted to orer she would of told me different.

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  • Da
      Feb 23, 2009

    o my god...i just called. yes, they gave me two confirmation numbers. hope i can get my refund and that's it.*cross fingers*
    good luck fro you guys too.

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  • Mi
      Feb 15, 2011

    Hello, I am the Director of Membership Services for the program. is a membership savings program that offers thousands of Canadian members thousands of dollars in savings on brand named products every day. We would like to help you get your issue resolved. We definitely do not want members to feel that they were falsely signed up to our memberships. We have many practices in place to ensure that these types of issues do not arise. Please feel free to call us toll free at [protected] so we can go over your membership details and assist you in getting your concerns taken care of. Our customer service department is available an open 24 hours per day 7days per week for your convenience.

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