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Fit 2000 / Poor service

1 United States

My husband and I purchased a one month policy for our infant daughter to cover a lapse between coverage as my husband switched from one job to another. I received a quote from for the Fit 2000 plan from Unicare. It was $98 for the month and all well baby exams and immunizations were to be covered 100% with the deductible being waived. It was to be used in august of '07. This is the plan we purchased and $101 dollars was deducted from my bank account (the last couple of days of July were pro-rated, which explains the few extra dollars to the cost of the policy).

It is now November of '08 and I received an explanation of benefits in the mail yesterday that shows I owe my doctor $236 and that only part of the immunizations were paid and that part of the cost was applied to my deductible. Upon calling Unicare, I was informed that my claim was billed at different policy that what we paid for. The policy was the Saver 2000 plan and immunizations were only covered 70% with no waiving of the deductible. This policy would have cost us $40 less for the month, had we selected it, per the quote I received for coverage.

There's no way I would have selected a policy that didn't fit my needs for one month of coverage. Also, I have a bill from unicare showing what I would have had to pay if I had extended the coverage additional months. It comes to $101 a month, far more than if I was receiving the cheaper policy. Of course, their bill only says UNICARE 2000 with no specification made between it being Fit or Saver. I contacted the company that sent my the quotes and their records show that I purchased the Fit 2000 policy and not the Saver 2000 policy. But they can't tell me what Unicare gave me.

I have been battling with this company since the date of the appointment. First they said we didn't have coverage that day. Then they said our doctor wasn't in network. My doctor has been in their network since 1997. Now the claim was billed in network but with the wrong policy. I never thought one doctor's appointment would have caused so many problems.

I'm so frustrated. I don't even know what to do about this anymore. The company that set up the policy is working with me to back track their records to show proof that I did purchase the better policy. My doctor's office has also been very helpful when dealing with this. But, neither of them can change what the insurance company is claiming. I'm very disappointed with Unicare to say the least and have no problem letting people know to avoid their company!


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