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First USA has run 8 unauthorized credit inquiries on me in the past 12 months. Who are they and why are they doing this? I have seen allot of other inquiries on several websites about them doing this to many other people It has hurt my credit rating. I have not applied for a credit card or loan.
They did it as recent as Jan 2010

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  • Cr
      18th of Feb, 2010

    First USA NA is a credit company. They sometimes purchase debt from other creditors and then try to collect on the debt. If you received a credit card and have a collection they might be reviewing your credit to locate you. This is just one possibility that happens frequently. Their contact info is:
    FIRST USA BANK 900 N MARKET ST, WILMINGTON DE 19801-3030 302-594-4000
    FIRST USA BANK 900 N MARKET ST, WILMINGTON DE 19801 800-955-9900

    If you need help with resolving debts with them we regularly negotiate and settle debts to 50-60% of the balance. Go to www.CreditCleaners.Net

    Best wishes to you.

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  • Ry
      23rd of Mar, 2010

    This MF'in company ran credit checks on me without my approval while I was buying a house. It didnt affect anything but I am jacked they did it. Do we have any recourse? Class action lawsuit for the people who it actually affected may be in order. I dont even know if that is possible but this is ridiculous and I wish epic failure on this Fisrt USA NA company.

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  • Mi
      27th of Mar, 2010

    First USA is a credit card company.

    We pay do get online access to all 3 of the credit reports - as much as we want. We get an update every month.

    We had the same problem a few years ago but with a different credit card company (CITI). They would check our credit report EVERY month. We did not initiate or approve their inquiries.

    I called one of the credit reporting companies and finally figured out what was going on. The reporting company said the credit card was making "soft inquires" and were not "hard inquiries". The card company was checking on how good our credit was and then they would send us offers for a credit card - ever month.

    The credit reporting company said the credit card companies can access your account for a "soft inquiry" any time they want IF they, or any one of their cards, or affiliate card companies, had financed something we purchased.
    It can be stopped by notifying ALL 3 reporting companies (TransUnion, etc) to bar ANY "soft inquiries" about your credit.
    The “hits” did stop.

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  • Kr
      19th of Nov, 2010
    First USA NA - unauthorized inquire into my credit file
    United States

    Equifax alerted me to your company inquiring into my credit file with out authorization from me. (Kristen Rotramel)

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  • Ch
      17th of Jan, 2011

    First USA is a credit card company that was bought by Bank One and then bought by Chase Bank. If you're seeing it on your credit report it's probably because you applied for a credit card or a credit card increase. The first number listed at top of page by modcuff is actually an individual's cel phone number. I didn't try the 800 numbers but I assume they are correct.

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