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First Universal Lending / Fraud

100% 9
Contact information:
First Universal Lending
5100 PGA Boulevaard
Palm Beach Gardens
Phone: 561-340-1212
I had a contract with first Universal Lending from October 2008 to March 2009. They took $200 a month from my checking account from October 14th through February 14th. they did nothing for me until I started compaining four months later. They hen told me that legally they could not tell me to stop paying my mortgage, but if I didn't stop paying it then my lender would not do anything. Then they finally came back to me with a modification of $70 less a month. I am now probably just going to have to foreclose on my condo. I want my money back.
Shari Little


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N  12th of May, 2009 by 
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First Universal Lending - morgage modification
First Universal Lending
United States

They called and wanted to modefy my morgage. The fee would be 399.99 until they made the arrangements with my morgage company. They told me not to make the payment I was currently ready to make, because they would set it up to be paid at the end of the morgage.
N  22nd of Jun, 2009 by 
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First Universal Lending - Mortgage
5120 48th Terrace North
St. Petersburg
United States
Phone: 727-520-1480

I have paid up front 299.95 for 6 months and have nothing to show for if from First Universal Lending. No paperwork, just a phone call on Tuesdays at 5:00 pm to tell me that my paperwork is still under review. Do I have any other options.
N  12th of Aug, 2009 by 
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My husband and I signed with First Universal Lending after I was told TWICE that if at any point I was not satisfied I could get a 100% refund of my money. We paid them $399.00 and got nothing. We cancelled our contract and requested our refund when two months went by and we did not hear anything and could not get a return phone call. I was told our refund was denied because they did substancial work on my account, yet our lender had not heard from them. I want to file a class action lawsuit against them, anyone who is interested may contact me. The District Attorney's Office in Florida informed me this morning that they have this company under investigation for charging people up front for this service which is illegal in the state of Florida. Call me...I want to take this company down before they scam someone else.
N  31st of Aug, 2009 by 
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First Universal Lending - Loan Mod
United States

Do not make good on their ads to help home owners is trouble. Invested 900.00 so far with no results.
N  16th of Sep, 2009 by 
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My husband and I got scammed out of 6 months worth of payments to these people. They never returned phone calls. I would have to hunt them down like the dogs that they were and every month they would string us along for the $399. They did nothing to assist with out mortgage. In fact, our mortgage company did not even call FUL after given permission and stated FUL is not going to do anything special with regards to out mortgage. Furthermore, the mortgage company stated that we could do this ourselves with the mortgage company and the outcome would be the same. So after 6 months of being frustrated and nearly losing our home that is exactly what we had to do.
N  16th of Oct, 2009 by 
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Started work with them back in Jan 09, they gauranteed results for loan modification.
Here is the problem, for 800/month they did nothing. Every month they assigned a new rep.
Again always having to repeat same info to them.
bottom line is this company does not work, and wont bring a solution.
9 months of payments and no results
N  15th of Dec, 2009 by 
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hi my name is David Munoz, I can not believe that this company is allow to be in business.it's been almost 30 days since I've hear from them NO MORE PAYMENTS Mother F>>>>>>>>>>
A  30th of Mar, 2010 by 
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Worst Company Ever, they will steal your money...
Don't ever do any business with them. They stole money from me without me signing a contract. They went into my bank account and took $1, 500 over four months. I did not have a contract with them. In 2009 they called me to do a loan modification, the paperwork was sent over the fax machine the next day. But I decided to hold off on the loan modification. I never sent the paperwork in, and I called them to let them know that I would not be participating in the program. The first month they took 500.00 the next they took another 500.00 out of my account. A month passed without them taking any money, but the next month they took another 500.00. I went to my bank for help, they helped me retrive 500.00 back. Iam still fighting for my 1000.00 that they stole from me. DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH First Universal Lending (EVER) !!!

N  21st of Feb, 2012 by 
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This company is a scam, never use them. They called me first off and I was very hesitant to use them because of all the scams. I researched found a website that had some info of a fraudulent case against them. They said it wasn't them it was another company, stupid me all the while I believed them. I started the loan mod with them, then to top it off I gave them 1400.00 in a cashiers check, very hesitant, I even threatened bodily harm if they didn't come thru. It's been almost a year and I still have no loan modification. I am though currently working with the bank and they are dragging me along bad.

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