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First Universal Lending / Loan Modification

1 FL, United States Review updated:

I think it's amazing after reading all of these comments how many of these people have received modification and sent thank you letters. Out of 35, 000 clients last year, only 100 were unhappy. That is barely nothing compared to how many client we have had. As a modification specialist I feel insulted that people that I HAVE HELPED ARE NOT COMPLAINING BECAUSE AFTER I MODIFIED THEIR LOAN, THEY STOPPED MAKING PAYMENT AND FELL BEHIND ON THEIR MORTGAGE!!

The only person that has a lawsuit against himsef if the guy who created this websit. This website will not be around much longer. Here are the responses to these ridiculous allegations:

1. We can not spend all day talking to our clients, we MUST BE ON THE PHONE WITH YOUR LENDERS NEGOITATING!! If you leave us a message we will get back to you in order to provide a status update.

2. When we call you back and we state that your file is in review, what that means is, YOUR LENDER is reviewing your documentation, they're running it through their sytems, if the file comes back approved, then they go to THEIR INVESTORS and see what type of offer they can provide. Usually the first offer is a counter offer!!!

3. EVERY LENDER ASKS US TO UPDATE INFORMATION TO THE LENDER. They REQUIRE updated paystubs and bank statements. It's not that we NEVER Sent them that info, it's that the turn around time of 3-4 months requires them to need updated information. When you first applied for a purchase or a refinance they did the same thing, REMEMBER???

4. We charge a monthly fee because some modifications are completed within 2months. I completed a modification 3 weeks for a client that was with Citi Mortgage. Some modifications take 4 months or more. Every client has a differnt set of rules.

5. Bank change their guidelines all the time, we have to be consistantly in tune and on top of their revised guidelines. The government has put the affordabiltiy and stability plan into place that has created stricter guidelines for your lenders. Oddly enough, only 1% of clients have actually been approved for the GOVERNMENT PROGRAM! This is what I call, the government is action.

6. We are not drug addicts or people who can not get job!! Most of us our mortgage processors, underwriters, licensed mortgage brokers, and account exectutives. We only get paid if we MODIFY YOUR LOAN!! So why wouldn't we be working hard to make money? Some of us work over 60 hours a week. We try not to take the stress home, but alot of us feel terrible when we hear what some of our clients have gone through with the economical downfall, loss of jobs, death in families, or other struggles that have caused them to fall behind on their mortgage. Before I got to bed, I stay up trying to create a game plan for work the next day!!

Then I hear about this website from ungrateful clients that seem to think they know everything!! Go to your attoney general, call your lender directly, and once you get tired of the run around with them, then call First Universal Lending. I am sure you will need our help soon!!!

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  • Ph
      1st of May, 2009
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    I am STILL reeling from the news you gave me today. I cannot believe it!! I even called Wells Fargo as you told me and I paid them already for the first month and gave them e-checks for the next 2 months to come out in May and June and then I go to my local WF office (the one that wouldn't deal with me) and sign the paperwork and it puts the house in MY name and with the 2% interest for the 5 years.

    I have called all my family and they are so relieved that I can stay in my home, we are all crying.

    I want to thank you so very, very much for all your help and encouragement through this trying time. It was bad enough losing my husband unexpectedly after all these years, and I am sure he is up there somewhere smiling down at me. Your advice to me must have been right on as they cooperated on the first try.

    Also, you have been just wonderful about calling me back, e-mailing me right back and most of all reassuring me when I was having panic attacks over my mortgage. You are an A-1 person in my book and tell your supervisor you need a raise.

    I have recommended your company to a friend of mine who is also trying to renegotiate her loan. I gave her the company name and phone number today (she is so happy for me). I am sorry to be gushing on and on about this, but I still cannot believe it.

    I had a fortune cookie Saturday night that said I would have good financial news coming. I just laughed and thought "sure".

    Again, Shannon, thank you for all your wonderful help and advice and caring. I could never have done this without you and First Universal. And, lastly, thank you William Murphy, for making me believe you could do it. Your company is a first class act!!!

    Phil B.

  • Me
      29th of May, 2009
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    first universal lending is a total scam. I wish i read these complaints before signing up with them. I paid them for 6 months for absolutely nothing. My property was on the verge to be forclosed and the so called agent that was in charge of my case, all of a sudden became unavailable.

  • Il
      30th of Dec, 2009
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    This company makes me physically ill...I've given them over $6, 000 to do a loan modification on my mortgage...heard all of their promises ... I'm now worse off than I was to start...even though I started w my lender in 4/09! Now the house is in foreclosure (and I have 3 kids!)...can't seem to get anyone to help...First Universial no longer answers their phone and their website is "under construction"! They also said they would renegotiate two other loans - the have done absolutely nothing! I had a modification offer from my mortgage company - but thanks to their non response - the mortgage company withdrew the offer...then First Universal tells me they have to completely refile...the mortgage company told me all they needed to do was ask for a referall or re-referral!!!

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