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first source collections / attempt to collect for target account

1 United States

I was just called by first source collection about a past due balance I had with Target. I asked if they could call me back next week as I am working with my EAP tp determine if bancrupcy is the best solution for me. The 1st person I talked to asked "how can u set a commitment if u have neglected to pay your bills for the last 6month" after I told him he insulted me and I wanted to speak to a manager he told me I had insulted Target. Again I asked for a manager and ststed I would send in a payment before I allowed himto make any commision from me. He after holding for almost 10 minutes connected me to a "manager" who continued to fault mefor not paying my bills. Stating "no wonder you lost your home, you don't pay your bills"!!! I asked for his manager and he continued to refuse. I told him I know if I hang up on him it would look as if I was refusing to pay, his response was "so you've obviously been thru this before, oh yea you don't. Pay your billls" followed by laughter. I was livid at this point asking again for just a call back next week. He said "so ill put this down as a refusal to pay then" I asked for a phone # as they called from "unknown" he rufused. I asked him if his tone would change if I went and got my check book...he said with more laughter "well yea" @ that point I hung up on them both. I tried a google search for a number to calll back to speak with someone else because I don't want it to go on as a refusal. I was unable to find anumber for them but found your site. I don't know how this helps or if this gets reported but I have NEVER had a experience like this. I had great payment history until my husband lost his


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