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First Rate Voice Svcs LLC / Unauthorized Charge

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I received my AT&T phone bill with (2) charges of 12.95 each. When I called [protected], they gave me credit for the charges and said that my email address was used to authorize the charge and they even had my mother's maiden name on file. I tried to access the web address he gave me of US Price and it doesn't exist. Watch your phone bill carefully.

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  • Gr
      11th of Nov, 2008

    I have been billed a total of 69.80 from AT&T bill on behalf of PBA Services, when I called the informed me that I have registrated via internet to a webside:USPRICEDRAW.COM, they offer voice mails with 800 numbers for people that are in the "internet busines"
    I have never access such website, and when I went to see if I can get some answers, there is no information available. IT IS A SCAM. In order fo me to get my money back I have to give them a lot of personal information which I think it is not necesary but they can certainly be very useful for these criminals.

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  • Me
      18th of Nov, 2008

    I am writing b/c same thing happened to me. Verizon said that I must call the company and file the complaint and that Verizon will in the meantime put a block. I called this ESBI company with this same # 800-460-0078 and a person named Linda said that the 12.95 plus tax will be credited back to my account.

    They ask that you verify your home address, but they don't have your information (b/c they wanted it spelled out so they can get it in their computer system) so I suggest giving false information or misspell it or something.

    This is a Scam totally...beware. They said someone named Alex Ny or something registered via email to receive this - either someone named Alex is doing this to a bunch of random phone numbers, but I'm thinking that this is just a scam company trying to get info out of the unknowing public.

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  • Vi
      25th of Nov, 2008

    This is the charge I got on my phone bill - do not know what it is

    Billed on Behalf of AMERICAN eVOICE, LTD. #
    Questions? Call: 1 800 460-0078
    Itemized Chargesand Credits
    No. Date Description


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  • Vi
      25th of Nov, 2008

    While doing research on this I found this website. I think this is the people responsible for the bill.

    Our Packages will help you make more sales, get more customers and keep your customers longer. That means you'll make more money. All for less than you may be paying for ‘plain-old' voice mail, and all with no equipment to buy, fix or outgrow.

    See our See our

    Voicemail and Fax numbers 800.347.2861 Virtual Office with Follow-Me

    for as little as $8.95mo. +1.310.478.4949 for as little as $14.95mo.

    Flat Rate! Flat Rate!

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  • Vi
      25th of Nov, 2008

    I found this also- This is what I will try tomorrow...

    Telephone customers are being SCAMMED!!!

    There is a telephone scam going out on the long distance billing sheet of

    your telephone bill! It happened to me on my "Var Tec ILD teleservices" long

    distance sheet, which is mailed out by AT&T in conjunction with my AT&T bill. The

    company doing it is: "American Evoice Ltd, " and is listed on the telephone

    bill as "American Evoice LTD. V-Mail monthly fee for $14.95." It's supposedly

    for a voice mail service with an 800 number. It's done through your on line

    service where they somehow get your mother's maiden name. You are not notified,

    you don't sign up, you don't register, you have no idea it's there -- they just

    suddenly put it on your telephone bill and you're expected to pay it. In my

    case I am supposed to pay for something which I don't have, nor know anything

    about, nor DON'T WANT!! You can call Merrie (like Mary) a supervisor at American

    Evoice at 1-866 576 1876. In my case she backed off very quickly and said

    they would credit me for the 3 months (at $14.95 per month) that they have

    charged me. The scam is: they do not get your permission to do it, and if you

    don't complain, they just keep on charging you each month. The other phone number

    listed on the bill is: 1-800 433 4518 which also gets you in contact with

    American Evoice. If you plug in "American Evoice scam, " on your Google and open

    up the Complaints Board you will see just how many people have been scammed -

    no indication how many have been scammed but are just not doing anything about

    it and are just paying the monthly charge, not knowing what it's for because

    NOBODY contacted them!! I have worked closely with Rose Swinford who works for

    ILD Teleservices in Dallas that does the billing for Var Tec. In her words: "I

    am going to get rid of this scam!" Her email is: Email User Her

    phone: 972 910 1870. Her objective is to find out "who" is responsible for

    the scam charge, and who is "accepting" the charge from the scammer and putting

    it on (in my case) the Var Tec ILD Teleservices long distance telephone bill

    sheet, which is mailed to me by AT&T along with the AT&T bill. I hope somehow

    telephone customers can be notified and be told that they have to call

    American Evoice to get rid of the scam. Otherwise they'll be paying the monthly

    charge forever, not having any idea what they're paying for!

    Sincerely, Gordon

    Atwater, CA. 85301

    From: Message Author (click here to email author)
    Date: Friday, 18-Apr-08 17:36:07 CDT

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  • Vi
      12th of Jun, 2009

    So everyone being billed by AT&T are getting scammed? Must be associated with AT&T I have cancelled it even though I nevber ordered it, I called AT&T because the scaming company changes names almost as much as it changes it's prices...

    So what I do is call their job lines diversity lines investor's make reports on [redacted].COM 1-877-4 -att -jobs

    Maybe I will just switch to direct TV or Cable this is really starting to get old and noone is doing anything to the big corp... United we stand...If we keep paying AT&T they do.

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  • Ce
      3rd of Sep, 2010

    I am a Verizon customer. I too was being charged $16/mo by Voicemail Services, Inc. It was a third party billing company. When calling 1-866-473-1981, the customer service rep had my address, tele number, and full name, and stated that I signed up for this service thru, under an old email address that has been inactive for 12-18 mos. I didn't question the charge right away since I thought Verizon just ended a promotion or something like that pertaining to my account. Glad I called. The scam is out there, everywhere. Not just one company is being hit.

    Sure wish the telephone company was flagging these charges and asking customers questions when the charges show up!

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