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First Premier Subscriber Services, Inc. / Unauthorized magazine subscriptions!

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I received a notice in the mail to renew a magazine subscription and mailed my check to this company and Playboy magazine has not authorized this company to collect any payments for renewal. Playboy has not received any payment from this company and has nothing to do with this company. When I call the [protected] on my first Subscriber receipt number it is a recording. My check was cashed months ago, I checked with my bank.


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A  7th of Mar, 2007 by 
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Same exact story as Carrie...
A  13th of Mar, 2007 by 
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Yes, i ordered exactly as Carrie did and never got my magazines!
N  19th of Mar, 2007 by 
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First of all, my name is wrong on the order form. You have Warson. Furthermost, the information that was given to me over the phone is different from the information on the letter and order form. I called to cancel my order and was told that I was bound to the contract. I have not received anything as yet and disagreed with her. I am still canceling. I do not want the subscription! My order number is NPPA 584024. Thank you.
N  11th of Apr, 2007 by 
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Premiere Subscriber Services - Bogus magazine renewal
United States

Received renewal card in the mail for US Weekly magazine. Sent payment in full, check was cashed over two months ago and I have yet to receive a single issue of this magazine. Phone number listed on renewal form is an answering machine. I have left several messages with no return phone call.
N  13th of Jul, 2007 by 
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I want a refund to go back into my checking account i don't want th prepaid card.
N  13th of Jul, 2007 by 
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I want a refund in don't want the prepaid card.I want the money to go back into my checking account.
A  1st of Sep, 2007 by 
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I'm having the same problem! I ordered a subscription to Hot Rod magazine for my husband and haven't received any magazines. The check was cashed months ago. Will try to call First Premier again next week and hopefully can get this straightened out. Has taught me a lesson, will never buy a magazine subscription from anyone except the actual magazine.
A  21st of Sep, 2007 by 
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I had the same complaints as above. My bank unfortunately is not willing to help me reclaim the funds. Their only suggestion is to file with better business bureau or the attorney general. Does anyone have some advice in getting your money back?
A  23rd of Oct, 2007 by 
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I have the same problem, with Autoweek, the publisher knows nothing about it, has not received payment from Premier.
An e-mail to Premier was left unanswered, and now I am reporting them the the Federal Trade Commission on-line and also to our Attorney General, I like my money back from them now.
A  12th of Nov, 2007 by 
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I got the same phone call. They tried to get me to give them my credit card number but I refused so they sent me a bill instead. Once I got the bill I looked up their info and found this board. How do I report these people. There has to be a way to stop them! This is just awful.
D  17th of Nov, 2007 by 
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I noticed me and my husband ordered and they tell you it takes 8-12 weeks to receive and they tell you that also.. now, company's do make mistakes. And my friend kista also ordered and has an account from there and also received her magazines in that amount of time also. You guys just like to complain. Because you don't obviously pay attention to what you guys are doing that's why you guys end up like this. And I get playboy for my husband and he receives all of them grow up.
A  24th of Jan, 2008 by 
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I sent $54 to First Premier Subscription Service for 3 years of Chicago Magazine on June 3, 2007. I never received one issue. Is this company still in business? I can now see that we've all been defrauded.
A  28th of Feb, 2008 by 
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i am having the same problem right now with this company. They are not legit, fraud
A  6th of Mar, 2008 by 
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I run a business and order magazines for customers leisure reading in our offices. I vaguely remember renewing my USNews and World Report subscription with this same firm. Problem is, as I reviewed my expenses, I now find out I renewed twice to this company. Watch out, spread the word.
N  16th of Mar, 2008 by 
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Premier Suscriber Services - Unauthorized renewal of magazines!
Premier Suscriber Services
United States

I received a letter from them to renew my subscription. Sent them the check a month ago. The check was cashed and they haven't sent me the magazine. They don't even have a website!!!
A  27th of May, 2008 by 
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I renewed a magazine subscription 4 months ago and still have not received an issue. My check cleared 4 months ago. Anyone get their money back or magazines start showing up?
A  27th of Jun, 2008 by 
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Same thing, I sent my check thinking I was subscribing to US Weekly and have received no magazines either, weeks later. Watch out. Has anyone had any luck at getting money back or magazine subscription?
A  31st of Jul, 2008 by 
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I just received the renewal notice. The notice looks different to me so I went to USWeekly website and checked my account. I am paid until 2009 so for sure First Premier Subscriber Services is a SCAM.
A  16th of Feb, 2009 by 
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Same thing happened to me only thanks to this web post, I have not paid them. My renewal was for U.S Weekly.

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