First Premeir Credit Card / Rip Off/ Scam/ Lying Swindlers/ Anxious to Bend you Over!!!

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I signed up for this credit card to supposedly boost my credit score. In the eight months that I had the credit card I was received two billing statements from them, which in order to keep my account in good standing I was forced to pay online which they charge you an additional $7 the next month. I called them repeatedly and would ask them to send me a statement which they would not do. They would say they had my address wrong in their system, which is ### because they had no problem sending me my first 2 statements, as well as getting gobs of junk mail from all of their affiliates. I know it was their affiliates because it was sent to my office, that just opened, and nothing in this world except for the credit card tied me to that address!!!

Here is the real kicker. The last payment I made in early November over the phone I told the person that I would not be paying any more if they did not send me a statement. The lady I spoke with said she would take care of that, but that I had some suspicious activity going on with my account. She told me to look at the ID theft prevention garbage on their website and I could see what this "suspicious" activity on my account was. So I checked it out, and paid $1 on my checking acct, and nothing "suspicious" was going on. I immediately called these credit report people and got put on hold for 20 minutes (I am guessing because canceling their ### product is so popular) and canceled my $1 deal with them and told them to cancel "everything associated with that credit score" aside from the $1 I agreed to pay. I then called First Premier back and asked them what was going on and they said they had no record of my conversation with the other woman who told me about the suspicious activity, keep in mind this is the same conversation that I paid my bill on that they had no record of it ever occurring other than that they were somehow paid!

So about 2 weeks later I get some phone calls from the fine folks in the collections department about how I short paid last current balance and that I still owed $5, so I paid it and told them to cancel my account and I was chopping up my credit card. But I still had to pay the $7 fee so what ends up happening? I get 2 statements within one week demanding I pay them or they will put my account into collections status.

Real sweethearts these pieces of ### are. It gets better. So the affiliate credit score website signs me up for 4 other deals that deduct anywhere from $5-15/ month for no reason what so ever. NONE. I called all of these places and asked them what they do, it goes something like this,

Me: why are you charging my account for the last 2 months?
(_|_) HOLES: because you signed up for our comprehensive security benefits package.
Me: I never signed up for a god damn thing for your ### company, but while we are talking what do you guys do?
(_|_) HOLES: we provide you with the peace of mind that you are safe from fraudulent charges on your accounts
Me: That's ironic
(_|_) HOLES: pardon me sir?
Me: I am calling you today about fraudulent charges on my account, fraudulent being the key word because I never agreed to these charges, particularly after I canceled that credit score ### within 20 minutes after signing up for it.
(_|_) HOLES: Sir it takes up to 90 days for these changes to take affect.
Me: So let me get this straight, in the 20 minutes I had to wait on the phone for you to tell me this I had to listen to this recording, "when somebody steals your identity it can take up to 40 hours to get your life back.", but when you ###s steal my money it takes up to 90 days?

... long story short, they reversed the charges and that last line got a chuckle out of the operator. But all of this ### because of First Premier and their affiliates (listed in order how much I hate them in descending order w/ phone #'s YAY!)

CREDITSCOREBOOST [protected] (I believe these are the same weasels as Credit Report America)

FRAUDPROTECITON [protected] (These ###ers are a nightmare to try to get ahold of. The number above is a recording of some ### who gives you nothing until the end of a 2 minute message where she rifles through the URL you have to go to to chat with another dumb ### on the internet) (good luck)

IDENTITY SECURITY [protected] Actually were pretty cool. The guy refunded my money within 2 hours after I cussed him out for about 3 minutes and he took it like a champ!

Anyway the moral of the story...### First Premier Bank and all of their horse ### affiliates!

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