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First Premeir Bank has found a loophole to hurt an economy already riddled with high unemployment numbers and dropping incomes. South Dakota should be ashamed of having a loophole such as this that allows a company to sucker in un-suspecting victims. By receiving a junk mail solicitation, which most of us throw away, this company found another hole to suck money from people and rake the consumer over the coals. It is a law which allows "no answer" to mean acceptance of a really sub-par credit card program. We are in the first stages of getting rid of this virus to the US citizen and will hopefully be able to keep you informed as to what is going on. Not sure what protections Washington State has, but South Dakota's Representatives and Senators needs to get bombarded with requests to kill this loophole which tarnished their state and the US citizen. First for us is a certified letter stsing we do not want the offer which we will send to First Premier Bank today. Along with that we will add complaints with the better business bureau (BBB) and will contact our states resources for scams to find out more options to shut this down. By reading other information about thye bank and consumer comments this has been going on for awhile. We can all guess at the amount of junk mail that is delivered daily by these people and the amount of people it has hurt. Rick

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      Mar 17, 2011
    First Premeir Bank - Shady Business Practices
    First Premeir Bank
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    This company is unbelieveable. I opened a secure credit card by opening a savings account with $450. to rebuild my credit. I have had NOTHING but hassles with this company. First off, they locked my account citing that I had used up my allotment of online payment options - WHAT? Apparantly you can only make so many bill pay or online payments to them before they lock your account. I had to call them repeatedly to get them to unlock this so I could make a payment. When they finally did, my bill was 2 days late and they charged me a $35 late fee!!! Then my wife bought an item from Nordstrom online and returned it to the local Nordstrom store and they locked down my card again citing that the dollar amount being refunded was less than the original charge and needed PROOF of both transactions. I assured them both were right and authorized by me but they demanded I send both receipts and an explanation to them in writing to unlock my card. AGAIN, this card is secured by a savings account that was more than double this transaction and I was no where near my credit limit either. I was traveling to Europe and wanted to be able to use this card for small incidentals without having to worry about exchange rates and it took several weeks for them to release the hold even after I sent them all of the onerous documentation they demanded.

    The straw that broke the camels back is I was so frustrated with them I asked them to close my account. They did but several weeks passed without receiving back my $450 savings account money I put up as a security on my card. When I called them, they said it could take 6 to 8 WEEKS for me to get my check. Are you KIDDING ME!!! This is my money and I had paid all of my charges in full weeks prior to this request!!! I finally got my check a few weeks later but this was without a doubt the single worst banking experience I have had in my entire life!!! Needless to say, I would strongly recommend using another company for a secured credit card unless you like having both your money and your credit card constantly tied up over ridiculous issues like these.

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