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First Option Credit Card / Terrible experience

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I went online to my account information for my checking account and found 2 withdrawls one from Millenium and the other from first option. I called my bank and had them put a stop payment on this. The information was taken fraudualently without my consent and they did it on a day that I was no where near my computer which was entertaining. When can companies stop ripping off people.. When I was on the phone with my bank I saw this and told the great customer service person what the situation was. THIS REALLY SUCKS, especially at this time of the year, they toom 2 draws of $99.95.


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  20th of Oct, 2008
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First Option Credit Card - Scam
United States

This company was soppose to stop billing me 99.95 dollars. And have not. some one even called me. but after a week they have began again.
  5th of Nov, 2008
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First Option Credit Card - Terrible everything
First Option Credit Card
United States

There have been many posts about the First Option credit card. This card is is underwritten by Millennium Bank. Their contact number is 732-729-1100. You will be connected about three times before you speak to someone who handles First Option cards. If you are calling about a refund, as I was, they will ask you to write a letter of cancellation and fax it to them. I was told I would be contacted withing 48 hours with refund status. Hope this helps.
  6th of Nov, 2008
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I just got a letter from my bank yesterday that there was 99.95 taken electronically out of my account from FIRST OPTION. I had NOT authorized this transaction and have been searching all day for more information. Thank you I hope it helps I am calling them right now.
  27th of Nov, 2008
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First Option Credit Card - Unauthorized charges
First Option Credit Card
United States

First Option Credit took $99.95 out of my checking account, without my knowledge. Have no phone number to attempt to contact and trying to work with my bank, but with no way to contact, they cannot do anything. I need help finding number...
  29th of Nov, 2008
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hello my name is taiesha joseph-abrams. I was charged 99.95 for something i did not want or authorize. i already tried to call you, but i didn't get an answer. I would like someone to contact me asap, and refund me my money back asap. THANK YOU
  3rd of Dec, 2008
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First Option Credit Card is misleading and also charged my account $99.95 unauthorized. I came to this website and someone posted this number 732.729.1100. I called and they said I have to send a fax to 1.866.754.8610 to the refund department to dispute this charge. I would urge you to call the 732.729.1100 number first to get your reference number before faxing in your letter.
  22nd of Jan, 2009
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My husband just had the same thing happen to him today - 01.22.09. We were charged $99.95 without our knowledge - it was supposed to be some credit services without a charge. They did ask for our bank acct info - should have known it wasn't safe when they were asking for that. I'm going to call this number listed - 732.729.1100 and see if we can dispute the charges and get them removed from our bank account.
  14th of Feb, 2009
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Hi, My name is micheale
The same thing happened to me on Jan.27 2009. I did not authorize for $99.95 to be taken out of my account. I had checks bounce on me so I went to my bank and they are going to give me my money back. I told my bank to keep an eye out.
  27th of Mar, 2009
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I'm sorry you got "ripped off" but it's your own fault!... you need to read details before you sign up for anything online.. I just checked the card out... and on the site it says very plainly that this is a SECURED credit card... meaning that a savings account must be setup to secure the value of the card... so lets say they took 99.95 from your bank... it would be transferred to your savings they set up and then that would be your starting credit limit... any time you see a credit card for poor credit with a limit of "up to 5000 dollars", it's because it's going to be secured to that much if you want it that much...
  24th of Dec, 2009
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I got a credit card offer that shows it's from my bank. They offer 1.9% APR for 12 mo. Says it's from MY BANK Visa Platinum Card. Supposed to be issued through Elan Financial Services. No mention of a secured card. I will not pay to carry a credit card, nor do I pay 1 time processing fees. If I run across offers like that, I delete or shred. Two days later (Christmas Eve when banks are closed) I went to the ATM to withdraw gas money only to find out I'm $41 in the hole! Looking at my bank account online I see a check was written to New Millenium Bank for $99.95 for First Option Credit. That caused me to be overdrawn and charged another $32. I've gone through my bank offer and see no mention of a charge, New Millenium Bank or First Option. What can I do?

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