First National Bank [FNB]fraud and customer care in general

This is my 100th complaint regarding the blatant disregard of fnb south africa when it concerns the basic needs of its customers. The fraud process is absolutely disgraceful and bias. They (fnb) can close your account without confirmation or even a text stating they suspect foul play and I am gona be affected. Their actions have left me in more arrears and most importantly, I cannot pay my rent, my child's medical aid, my bills ect, I can't even buy food due to the incompetence of fnb who claim to put people 1st. I have had this conversation over and over again, fnb south africa is the biggest disgrace and truly the worst customer service! I need my funds and I am leaving! I will ensure the world knows how you treat people. I have emails telling me my accounts is accessible and problems solved however, it clearly is not! I have had the worst weekend possible due to this people, my child my family could not eat due to this people!! I hate fnb I truly feel you are the worst bank ever. With standard bank I remember a similar issue, I sell cars and in the last 100 sold, approximately 5 customers had stories and tried to get their money back but with standard bank, they made the effort to contact me 1st before blocking my account as, I always give customers the product and all relevant detail, what happens after that can no longer be my problem but fnb, they can't it's impossible to put the customer 1st with them. A bunch of untrained unable to apply common sense consultants and managers. I am not getting any help from them, I went to the airport saturday from 3-7pm just to access my funds? My last money was wasted on that trip. Fnb insults and breaks a person, fnb is not a bank for people!

First National Bank [FNB]

Jun 03, 2018

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