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For anyone who might have a policy through First Life and Health Insurance Company, beware, they seem to be playing a bait and switch game. I have them for prescription coverage, had to lock in for a full year, I had purchased a policy with a zero deductible. Sat. I went to pick up a prescription just to find out that the terms had changed and I now have a deductible, not to big ($150) but it is the principal that they can change the terms without notification. I want to give them as much bad press as possible. When I called the insurance company I was told that I should have recieved a notice of change the end of Dec. even though I bought the policy the first of Dec. I asked for a supervisor and was given another 800 number so I called and left a message. I recieved a call back this morning from a company who is not even affiliated with First Health and the representative was quite confused. I then called First Health back and was reffered to someone to file a grievance, the person informed me that I "should" have been informed of the changes to my policy so there was nothing they could do.

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  • Mo
      8th of Feb, 2010

    That's why people don't use insurance companies you've never heard the name of. There's a reason why people pay a little more for car insurance, or dental insurance or like you, health insurance. There's a lot of "shady" companies about - just want your $$ and don't care about you as a person. Pay the extra 30$ a month and go with an insurance company that is frequently used - then I can guarantee you, you never run into this situation you're currently dealing with, again.

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  • Eb
      16th of Apr, 2010

    First Health Life & Health, also called AdvantraRx, was my Part D insurer last year. They, without notice, changed my generic medication to a tier 3, and charged me $75. They paid no part of this Rx. Under my plan, I could have gotten the name brand for $55. It was much easier for me to tolerate the name brand. There was no explanation for this, and they have not responded to my complaint. They had required that I switch to the generic when it came out, and I had to work at becoming able to tolerate it. Then they make it more expensive to take!

    I have changed insurers, and have now refilled this RX for the generic price of $20.

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  • Im
      3rd of Mar, 2011

    The practice of allowing automatic renewals should be abolished. I now "owe" $90 to First Health Part D because they "automagically" renewed my wife's policy WITHOUT NOTIFICATION OR PERMISSION from us, and PROVIDED VERY POOR SERVICE when we signed up originally. After 5 months of begging them to send me a coupon book, I sent them the whole year payment out of frustration. Now they decided to screw me for my effort by "automagically" "renew" our policy. I called Medicare about it and they were no help at all.

    Write Congress and tell them to stop allowing automatic renewal of Part D plans -- this is nothing but robbing old folks.

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  • Me
      5th of Oct, 2011

    yeah i dont want or need this at all. i have not got a prescription in over three years i have no need or use of this but i am apparently FORCED to have prescription drug coverage so that my money can be given to someone else unbeleivable !!! my bill is over 700.00 for something i didnt even know i had didnt ask for and dont want

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  • Ma
      23rd of Dec, 2013

    My partner was also played by First Health, so beware. He purchased a plan in June before leaving the country since he would be gone in September when he turned 65. Upon returning they had raised his $25 per month plan to $53 in the month of September when it was to start. Another words they doubled the price before it had even begun. If that is not fraudulent scamming I don't know what is. This company should be fined and put out of business. On top of all this he has a $4 dollar a month drug cost that we pay ourselves, and so he would not even get a drug plan except that we are are told we have to do this for some day in the future.

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