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First Franklin Loan Services / Entered wrong bank account and I am in foreclosure

1 Augusta, GA, United States Review updated:

My wife became disabled and I fell behind on my payments, I called to make arrangements to get caught up. That all work out fine until I tried to do a payment by phone. I talked to ‘Mark” he took the info and read it back to me but then entered the wrong Bank account info. The company never tried to call me when the check came back. The only way I knew that there was a problem is when I seen that the check never cleared and I received a certified letter that I was going to be foreclosed on and they even gave me a date for the sale. I called them and ask what was going on and the person on the other end said that when the check came back it automatically made any other arrangements null and void. The lady that I talked to even played the phone conversation back and came back on the line to explain to me that they were sorry and that she did listen to the call and all of the info was repeated back but it was entered wrong. I ask if I could make a payment and was told that it was too late for that and someone from the resolutions department would call. Well I am still waiting. I have called them back and all I get is a recording.

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  • Ag
      2nd of Mar, 2009

    We can help with the foreclosure. Don't let them take your home. Contact me and I will give you the details. [protected]

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  • La
      19th of Mar, 2009

    I can understand your issue because this happened to me with a western union quick collect. I sent a western union with a 1124.00 payment to begin a payment plan to stop forclosure. we have two loans with First Franklin/Homeloan services. 80/20 mortgage. the money to start the plan was put on the loan that wasn't in foreclosure. I spoke with Ms Crawley who is Handling our acct and she assured me that she would have the funds transferred to the right account. the payment was sent on Feb 27th today is march 19 and still no changes. I signed up With NACA to get help. If you haven't done so check out or to see if a counselor can help you. Remember couseling should never cost you anything so if anyone ask for money watch out. Please don't wait on First Franklin to help you because the time waiting means an Auction Date. Help is available. I will post an update regarding my FF issues as the results are made available.

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  • No
      21st of Mar, 2009

    Hello and God bless you all:

    As you read this letter we hope that you still have a home for your family.

    Like many of you our homes are in foreclosure due to the actions and non actions of First Franklin (FF).

    We know there are many persons out there trying to abuse the system and get a free ride, yet many of us, if not all of us, are in this situation not because we wanted to be in this situation, but because life went on. Some of us found ourselves in default as a result of loosing our income, having medical issues, the raise in the cost of living but not in our salaries, family emergencies or just live itself. Whatever your case, we did not asked to be in it.

    Some of us purchase our home and gave up most of our life savings to get it, not because of greed or luxury, but because we needed a home to call our own; for our families and specially for our children.

    Yet in our time of need the people that were supposed to help us and work with us not only turned their backs on us, but they did everything in their power to take away our home and turn many of our families into battle grounds full of tears, anxiety an uncertainty. “Yes, send us your paperwork we’ll look at it” we were told. Do not worry, we were being “helped” and told to hold on while we complete our review.

    And we believed. Only to have our hopes shattered in a court of law or with realtors offering cash for keys, or with people just knocking on our home doors with a notice that basically read “get out in x number of days”. While this was going on, and just to add insult to injury, many of us were in dismay after learning that we did not qualified for a modification for one of the many reasons, we could not do a short sale just because, etc.

    End of the dream, end of the hope, end of our homes.

    Why? A question that have crossed the minds of many of us, who knows how many times and that was the first of worse questions to cross our minds and hearts as the reality of seeing our children cry because they have to move settled in. Then more questions flooded our minds. What do I do now that I’m on the street? Where do I live? A

    Many of us have been put in a situation where we have nothing to loose as even our dignity was taken away with a phone call to FF. A phone call where we were asked the same questions only to be told we can not help you. Or the day we receive the court documents like we are some sort of criminals. Or the date we were made go into a court or that they put a sign in front of our houses. Or the day we received a call at work from a FF person demanding to know where the money was. Or maybe it was the day that we were offered the false hope of a so called “payment plan”. All this while, as stated by an alleged FF ex employee, they were really making money our of taking our homes away from us while giving us no real chance of solving our situations and putting us in a no win situation.

    Being that we have nothing to loose is why we are writing this message. You see, we have nothing to loose but much to gain. Divided most of us have encountered the same word: foreclosure. But what if we unite and give it a good shot. At least one good one. We are not saying yeah things will happen. We can not promise that each one of us will get a solution that will be of benefit. That is beyond us. What we are saying is: let make some noise and let our voices and stories be heard. It is time that people know what is really going on with the “so called” helping hand that FF is giving us people that are not asking for a free pass, but for chance to have a roof over our heads with dignity. To pay something that will be fair, but that will also allow us to put food on the table.

    What we are doing, at least three of us, is this:

    1. We will draft a letter to the White House (our President) and to CNN that will explain in general our situation. This letter will also ask for help in dealing with FF.

    2. We will include our stories with that letter. Now here’s where you have a choice. You can join this effort by emailing your story with FF. What is your situation? What happened when you contacted FF? What did they do or didn’t do? How they treat you? Broken promises? How they proceeded with the foreclosure? How did it affect your family life?


    3. People, we are writing to our President. You may agree or disagree with him. You may have voted or not voted for him. But the truth of the matter is that he is our President. THUS, PLEASE KEEP YOUR LETTERS FREE OF ANY FOUL LANGUAGE AND WRITE PROPERLY. Remember; we want to present ourselves like what we are honest, hard working people with values and dignity. Let us not go down to the level of FF.

    4. Please include your name and the ages of your family members. Also, please provide a contact information for you so that you can be kept posted on what is going on with this. This could be your email address, mailing address, or phone number.

    5. DO NOT, repeat DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR LOAN NUMBER, SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER OR ANY SENSITIVE INFORMATION. Again, we only need to contact you in case we receive a response so that you know what happened with our inquiry.

    6. Remember we are not saying things will happen. We are just trying to do a coordinated effort to help our cause. The reasoning behind this is simple, many of us have contacted the government agencies only to run into dead ends. But many of us, I hope we are not ignored. United we stand, divided we fall.

    7. Pray so that we can get what we need: Help, peace and the dignity of a home for our selves and our families.

    8. Remember, we are not attorneys, rich people, politicians, or anything like that. We are regular people like you. So whatever happens, please don’t come back at us with some stupid lawsuit if things don’t go your way etc.
    If interested, you can email your story to the following email address: [protected]

    We will be submitting our letter along with our stories to both the President and CNN on Friday April10, 2017.

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  • Ja
      28th of May, 2010
    First Franklin Loan Services - Would not assist me
    First Franklin Loan Services
    United States

    I was told that First Frankin purchased my loan. They raised my interest rate. I fell on hard times. The mortgage co. refused to work with me. This is inspite of all the bail programs and after all the modification programs, this company refused to refinance my home. I currently owe $20, 000 more that what the home is worth. I have tried my hardest to work with them and they absolutely refuse to work with me. Also I have tried to work with these people. I am a single father with two children and they are not willing to help. I have worked for the past 16 years since graduating from college.

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