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I had a bank account with Irwin Union Bank. In 2009, the First Financial Bank headquarted in Cincinnati Ohio bought them. First Financial Bank then closed all branches in the Pacific Time Zone, but in summer 2009 they promised that my account with them would be under all the exact same terms and everything as with Irwin Union Bank. Then on April 9, 2010 without warning I got a letter from them saying they had stolen and drained my entire bank account and closed the account. They simply invented a ficticious "service fee" which was never in any terms or anything I was notified of or agreed to, and that fee was specifically tailored to match the exact balance in my account and completely steal everything in there, bringing the exact balance down to zero balance of zero just so they could steal all my money. I suspect they have done this to other people as well. I contacted their bank and got a man who laughed loudly at me through the entire conversation and specifically said that their bank can do whatever they want without informing me or getting my consent to agree to it. I called the Cincinnati Ohio police department at [protected] who said that by law, banks can do whatever they want, steal everyone's money and are completely above the law.

This is a moral outrage and unconscionable. The people at First Financial Bank need to be put in jail.

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      16th of May, 2011
    First Financial Bank - harrassment from representative
    First Financial Bank
    United States

    The representative Gina refused to provide me with her last name and phone number. She was misleading in denying that the consolidated debt service for which I am a member contacted the company in regards to my payments, which I know they must have in order for me to have been enrolled in the consolidated program. She raised her voice at me, denied that I knew my consumer rights, and said she would call back when I told her not to. I even offered to give her the number of my consolidators, but she would not listen. This woman was unacceptable.

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  • Il
      3rd of Jan, 2013

    I to have had a nightmare experience with FFB.They open acct's for shady businesses. I'm referring to ASSURED AUTOMOTIVE owned by ROCKFORD SEXTON at 215 CHARLES ST. MIDDLETOWN OH. HE isn't registered with the SEC. of STATE nor has he ever been. I contracted with him to rebuild the transmission in my car in 2009, he didn't fix it, in fact he really messed it up. I went to his bank {FFB} thinking he may have slipped through the cracks somehow.I'm told it is illegal to open a solepropieter acct. for anybody using a fictious name, anyway the people at the bank were very rude {said they would send it to legal} HA I have all paperwork to back up what I say, I have taken this to alot of other banks between CINCY&DAYTON all said they would never open an acct like this.I have dealt with everyone from the ATTY GEN to GOV. OFFICE including BOEHNER'S OFFICE.{LOL}I'm dealing with the OCC since APRIL 2010 What was to cost under 1800.00$ has ended up costing me over 40, 000.00$ I'm a sr. citizen with serious health problems my daughter is a diabetic & my grandson is a kidney transplant patient.I ended up having to sell a good car at ajunk price The bank is a bigger crook than Sexton. I was told to contact CLAUDE DAVIS{CEO} of FFB he never returned the call.To top it all off SEXTON'S license was pulled by the state in AUG/ 2008 when he was still at 3120 PLYMOUTH, ST. I'm continuing to go after them, I'm going to sue the FFB in federal court. It' a sad situation, all I wanted when this nightmare started was my car fixed, also for the legit bussinesses that are working honestly. L. Johnson 513/217-7590 513/ 435-4937 WISH ME LUCK

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