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The dealership where I bought the vehicle has consistently provided terrible service. They would tell me the vehicle was going to be ready by a certain day/time and then it would not be. They would never call me, I had to call them for status updates. The last time I took my vehicle there about three years ago for regular maintenance (50, 000 mile checkup or something), they serviced the rear differential and broke the drain plug. I went on a long trip and didn't notice the leak until I was a few hundred miles down the road and it locked up on me while I was towing a trailer (a scary thing to happen at 65mph on the highway). The dealership who fixed it said "what idiot overtightened the drain plug?".

What does this have to do with First Extended Service Corporation? They would not let me switch to another dealer even after all of my bad experiences with the first dealership. A new dealership has been built closer to my work and home, and they do a nice job, so I go there for everything now.

Recently, I took my truck to the new dealership because the headlight was out and I replaced the bulb but it still didn't work. It ended up being an expensive forward control module that had shorted out, and the part was covered under the extended warranty. Ok, great. Except that since I took it to the "wrong" dealership, I had to pay them for diagnostics (about $85), and then take it to the place with poor service that is inconveniently located. I then had to pay the $100 deductible.

So the $185 is still better than the $500-$600 it would have cost without the warranty, but I had to take time off of work to take the vehicle down to the other dealership, and by the way, they took two days longer than they told me it would take and didn't call me, I had to keep calling them(typical!).

While this was happening, I called First Extended to ask if there was any way to get the work done at the convenient location. They said no. I explained the situation with the poor quality of service at the other dealership. They still said no. I asked to speak with a supervisor. They said no. I insisted. They said ok, leave a message. I left three voicemails and one personal message over a two day period and never got a call back from the supervisor.


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