First Choice Relocation / Awful service

I put an inquiry on the internet to move me from NC to IN. First Choice Relocation was one of the Companies that contacted me and after several phone calls I agreed to use them. They did an estimate of almost $4, 000 and required a 25% up front payment - no credit cards, only a check. I sent them $1, 000. What a mistake. The move was scheduled on 8/1/08. On 7/18 I called and talked to Steve. He said everything was on schedule and I should hear from someone by 7/23. When by 8/28 I had heard nothing, I started calling. I called 20 time a day on two different numbers and got no response. Finally I emailed on 8/29 and got a response that night from their dispatcher stating they were still on for the move but maybe it would be pushed back to 8/3 - he was not sure. He also said it was in my contract that they could do that - I never agreed to their contract. Again, on 8/30 I tried to call again and again no answer after at least 10 calls and messages. By now I was frantic because I had to get out by 8/1. That night, 8/30 I sent them another email and the dispatcher responded that he did not have anything new to offer me and it was within the contract to set other dates and he knew nothing else - it was clear they had no intention of showing up in my opinion. I asked for a refund and they have stop communicating with me.

I booked a local mover and the first thing they said was I was scammed and that no reputable moving company would ever ask for cash up front.


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