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First Bank / Poor customer service

1 Saint Louis, MI, United States
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This is the lesson I just learned that cost me $224.00 in overdraught penalty fees. Yes, technically it was my fault because I made a mathematical error balancing my checkbook. But, my complaint is the rude customer service I received from First Bank here in St. Louis, MO when I called them to explain what I did, they just basically told me it was my tough luck and then they started lecturing me on being more responsible. I didn't want them to refund all the fees, just a portion if they could, but they acted like they couldn't care less to keep me as a customer, they had my money and thats the end of that.

What I did was make a mistake balancing my checking account which made me think I had more money than I actually did. I proceeded to use my debit card 7 times to make small purchases not knowing that I was being charged 32.00 for each item. One item I bought was for only a $1.80 but a was charged $32.00 by First Bank. Almost all the purchases I made were under $20.00. I thought my overdraught protection only applied to checks but I found out the hard way that they also apply to debit card purchases. A few years ago I made a mistake balancing my check book but when I tried to use my debit card to buy something it was rejected at the store. They told me they had changed their policy because the majority of First Bank customers had complained that they didn't like being embarrassed by having their cards rejected in a store. I asked them if they had taken a poll because no one at that bank had ever asked me my opinion on the subject.

They told me they sent me a letter telling me I had overdrawn my account but by that time I had already used my debit card 7 times. The irony is that I was going to use my most recent paycheck to open a savings account there but since they charged me $224.00 in fees I don't have enough money now to open a new account. That's OK though, after talking to two rude people there I am closing my account and will never give them another penny of my money again!


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