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FIRST ATLANTIC FEDERAL CREDIT UNION / Discrimination: Unethical Acts

1 2070 Route 66 EastNeptune, NJ, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 732=380-3600

July 21, 2009
To The Supervisory Committee of the First Atlantic Federal Credit Union, the National Credit Union Administration and related entities:
Some of you recipients are unaware of my never ending plight with the First Atlantic Federal Credit Union of New Jersey. Some of you have received and gave attention to my calls for your assistance. I deeply thank-you for assisting me.
I want you all to know that I am an Ordained Minister of God. I'm not a perferct man, but I have spent the majority of my life serving other people. I have great joy in helping the elderly and those unable to help themselves. I have worked with Consumer Affairs, the Better Business Bureau, and many other organizations in preventing Businesses and Individuals from unethical behaviour.
I first want Individuals to know that I never wanted to contact any other entities regarding the behaviour of FAFCU. FAFCU refused to acknowledge any of my concerns until outside Entities were contacted. I won't rehash the past. But I do want you to know that my complaints have witnesses right in the FAFCU employment ranks beginning with C F (who was an Angel, and who repeatedly returned moneys to me that FAFCU took from my account without justification and authorization), DJ who I sent my first email complaint to in February 2004. DJ chose to ignore my complaint which begain my "external complaint" campaign. The Local Branch Manager will have no choice but to admit that the circumstances I am complaining about do exists. Finally CF. He's a chief official at FAFCU. Mr. F. doesn't like me. I will explain in this letter where Mr. F.'s "derision" against me stems from.
My Past and Recent complaints with FAFCU stem from: 1) taking money from my account unauthorized. this action continued until I repeatedly called FAFCU and finally was assisted by Carla Fiore. this "theft" didnot cease until FAFCU was affair tha I wasn't backing down in my complaints, 2) ATM which would not come out of the ATM machine or card use because FAFCU refused to release the money even though it was my money and was in my account, 3) very unprofessional behaviour from FAFCU employess. this situation improved only after my complaining to external sources, but it still continues somewhat till this day, 4) refusal to cash checks from my employer (a twenty year old company) and from the state of new jersey based on their “policy”. My health and family suffered because of this policy (which my complaining helped to overturn). We were unable to buy food and medications 5) FAFCU even recorded my phone messages, video taped me, attacked my character by saying that I was hanging around outside their Credit Union at night acting suspicious. HOW RACIST IS THAT? I made an ATM machine withdrawal and immediately left the area. 6) The FAFCU employees laughed at me, and one employee was removed because that employee warned my family that the FAFCU was "out to get me" 7) one FAFCU teller returned my money to me in a disorganized fashion. In other words, that was her way of telling me that I didn't matter as a person. In my entire history of life, no one has ever returned money in a disorganized manner. And I had been repeatedly complaining to the Branch Manager regarding this one employee. Her actions were unprofessional almost beginning from the time she first addressed my FAFCU visits.
Please consider this. I am known state wide. I am a world wide published author. I am known as a Man of God, one who cares for the elderly. I been working for my Employer for 5 years. I've always been trusted with finances and bank deposits. I've hosted a public access Bible Study program for years. So how did I go from being that Man, to this "black, criminal, nut case, always complaining" Individual that FAFCU continues to paint me as?
I must briefly talk to you about "Acts of God" that God has sent in my behalf. The FAFCU was recording me hoping to catch something. One of their own employees alerted my family to their actions. That reminds of the Apostle Paul always being warned.
The FAFCU is experiencing alot of "ill energy". I'm sure that's why the Branch Manager is so anxious. The FAFCU must realize that when you discriminate and attack people (especially one Loved by God), that you are going to experience "Acts of God" in behalf of the ones He Loves.
On Saturday July 11, 2009 as the FAFCU employees arrived to the Credit Union around 8:56AM to begin work at 9AM, they experienced a Computer Failure. If you check my records, you will always find that I usually arrive early to my locations. My Mother taught me that. Schools such as DeVry Tech emphasized the need to arrive at least 15 minutes early to locations.
The FAFCU employees (and I know people are only human, BUT WE ALL HAVE JOBS TO DO, AND WE ALL MUST BE PROFESSIONAL ABOUT OUR JOBS) of course didn't want to see my face as they arrived "late" for work on that Saturday Morning, and of course it's human nature to blame the weather man for raining days. In other words, the employee's actions and attitudes (especially displayed by the same teller on July 17, 2009) showed that they somehow blamed me for the situation. As a man of God, I can testify from experience, that a person's own negative energies and actions bring back negative actions. I've warned FAFCU about this over and over again, and God has proven true in every instance.
Please keep in mind that there have been tons of incidenents since my last 2008 complaint that I have not complained about. I have not complained about: 1) the drive thru ATM machine often not functioning, 2) the time when the right drive thru lane was not functioning, 3) one teller working both drive thru and the lobby on a busy Friday night, and 4) this recent Computer Shut down at the FAFCU-I did not complain. I even tried to console the teller which is why I'm so upset that a week later she was apathetical to me. I didn't cause the computer shut down. And at the end of the Day I am a 35 Plus year Member of First Atlantic Federal Credit Union. They wouldn't even have a Supervisory Committee if it wasn't for my Complaints. And my Complaints became so "vivid" because their leadership consists of the most stubborn and somewhat arrogant, condescending individuals I have ever met in my life!
And no, I am not leaving. I am a beautiful, spiritual, African American male. I'm proud of who God made me. People of color have been lied on and bullied for milleniums. I honestly feel that it's about time to Address the situation and end this terror placed myself and any other victims of Imperialistic thoughts and actions.
It's not that "I'm full of myself". You can contact my Employer, My Supervisor, My Reverend (Jesse Evans, Jr), and any religious organization that I've ever served in.
My Mother raised me right. She served this country for 35 plus years of her life. She is a devout Christian and pillar in this community.
I'm full of the Glory of God. God offers us the "blessing". For some reason we choose the curse of racism, apathy, theft, deception, discrimination, and all the other "darkness".
Finally, My Doctor is treating me for Diabetes and High Blood Pressure. That would move anyone "who had a heart" to want to lessen the anxiety of this situation. Unfortunately Mr. C F continues to prolong this drama, even though God continues to expose the wrongness of his business.
To the Branch Manager and the Tellers at FAFCU Branches. I'm older in age and I was raised to believe that "the customer must always be respected". I'm sorry, I dont understand attitude, or why you would be "mad" at someone who never said a bad word to you either way. Every one, they have me on video tape and phone messages. So where's the "bad" guy that they are trying to label me as.
I conclude by saying that God is Good. And I deeply Thank anyone who has ever spoken out in my behalf.
Please, place yourself or your loved ones in my situation. Some of the effects of this discrimination are: Having a paycheck that the Bank refuses to cash due to its "policy". Having rude tellers disrespecting and taunting you. Worry about your health and your family's health, but not being able to buy food or medication because FAFCU refuses to cash your check. Having an ATM where the Money won't come out the machine because FAFCU refuses to release the money. Apathy, Slander, and Arrogance from FAFCU leaders. Being labelled as a "black crazy criminal" when you have been a 35 plus year member of this Credit Union.
Thanks for helping me address this discrimination.
Reverend Gary C.
New Jersey


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