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i marco spoke to a fireside represenative named robert on, august 24, 2009 i was asked to wire fund through walmart- i wired $400.00 and mailed 2 seperate checks check# 1211 $300.00, check # 095 $90.00.. Robert from fireside special collections department stated to me (marco) that that wired money would be enough to keep me out of collections/ reposetion... i made it clear to robert that the 2 checks were mailed to them(fireside auto finance).. this all took place 8-24-09.. walmarts reference number is #[protected] ... i thought all was well until today 8-31-09 fireside representative called my cell and was very rude and didnt care to hear who i had talked to and what was arranged, they (fireside reps ) got their manager ? and he was even ruder- i explained what special collections dept and i worked out.. the manager stated " robert works for me- and i didnt authorize that".. besides robert doesnt work here anylonger... i responded well thats what was agreed on- also i agreed to wire more money this friday sept 4, 09. Manager sated why would i mail in those two cheks for? i again responded by stating my daughter wrote out one 300.00 and i wrote out 2nd for 90.00---- making total pymts $790.00 with another wire transfer for friday... Manager told me he dnt care-what was discussed with robert a fireside rep. that the 2009 yaris will be reposesed asap.. i swas already angry because not any of the 3 reps and manager cared or seem to know anything about roberts pymt plan with myself (marco)... i tried calling 1-800 # -- after call ended--- but they manager and other reps didnt call me from [protected] #... i tried calling info for fireside auto financing in pleasanton ca-- no listed numb, i tried city of industry, ca also no listed numb??? .. the last thing i told tom ? manager was you will have 390.00 proably by tues 9-1-09. he dnt care hung up on me.. i called the [protected] i promped to my balance and it stated 400.00 pymt received and also $449.00 pymt due in sept, 09... i dnt get it . i have wire paper, daughters check and mine..

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  • Mi
      Sep 01, 2010

    i mike ward case #[protected] i have received 8 to 10 phone call a day about a car they came and got 3 or 4 year maybe 5 years ago and they never gave me any time to try to sell the car i just had staff infection that i had from a knee operation and almost died i was very sick i lived in the hospital for 6mo with a pick line going into my heart for the meds they had to give me and after six long mo i was released to come home under strict order to put the med into this line that went to my heart 5 time a day and so i had no income coming in for some time and to sick to try to sell it on line to some one so my wife took it on to let them have the car back and so she called them and they came and picked it up . they said since we gave it back on good terms that they would sell the car and pay the loan with the money they would get for the our car and so we thought that was a good thing they would do for use to help well 3 year go buy and these calls started coming in 8 to 10 of them one after another saying that we owe for this car that they sold 3yr ago the said that they sold the car for $6400 at a car auction and the car was wort 3 time that amount they wanted the remaining bal left on the load witch was $$4500 so i said we gave you the car back and that your fault for not selling a $22, 000 car for a ridicules low amount and they told me that they informed us that there employe had must of informed use the wrong info on a repo we told the guy that we had offered them a $8000 offer that or my wife brother would had wanted to offer them .and they would not take it but they took a$6400 amount from a auction we where pissed and i dont think we owe anything they got there car back and all the payments maid before we let them, take it that there fault for not getting the amount they should of sold the car for and not ours and we feel we did the right thing they shafted use treated use rudely and treat-end use over the phone telling us they where going to take or belonging like or house cars and any thing we owen so i said [censor] you and told them not to call my house again and what did they do call right back 1 min later and said they had never called before and that would be like that all day 8 to 10 time to where i was pissed off mother [censor]er and if i could of reached threw the phone and grabbed them by there neck i sure had would of choked them . and its been 3 yr of this rude ness and i am fed up with them and there lie and deceitfulness and treats these people or a peace of [censor] on my shoes that wont come off mike ward i will get the better end of this nightmare

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  • Ha
      Jun 02, 2011

    They did the same thing to me! First, they refused to accept my insurance on the vehicle, so they doubled my monthly payments. My job cut down my hours and my apartment complex rose the rent because of some weird fees. I had talked to Fireside about this and they offered to take back the car and sell it. They said it would cancel most of my loan out and that I wouldn't have to worry about any kind odd collection. Well, they send a gut to take the car and I handed over all the keys, so I believed that everything would be settled. Now, four years later, Fireside starts harassing me at work and home saying I owe them double what the car was even worth! They say they didn't get enough from their auction so I owe the entire loan plus fees they magically came up with. They wouldn't cooperate with me nor listen to anything I had to say. I even asked them to work with my power of attorney and they still continue to ignore every cease of contact and now harass my boss to get to me! All this for a car that was worth 12000 and they claim I should pay them 24000 for when they had recieved roughly 2500 from me before they got the car back! They are rude, deceptive, and predators!

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