Firefly (affiliate of Herz?)unethical behaviour at car rental in Murcia airport (Spain) on 3 May 2017

The waiting queue was as long as the others () but after 40 minutes ours was still half-end while the other queues had all finished. I think Firefly is doing that on purpose to frustrate the waiting people. When it finally was my turn, I explicitly asked for NO SCDW ( asked them to take a 1000€ on my credit card). The crook_on_duty smiled very friendly, said OK and gave me the contract to sign relatively quickly. I signed without carefully checking, (so yes it is my own fault, I agree), and 'bought' all the insurance options you can think of and paid... 200€ too much.
So my message to all Firefly renters is: DOUBLE CHECK YOUR CONTRACT BEFORE YOU SIGN ! !

May 12, 2017

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