fire saftey memo boardsPayroll check bounced. unreputable company

I was a former employee at Firehouse Promotions. Although I do know that they do have contracts with the local fire departments that they are calling about I have seen several different contracts. But I do agree in saying that the company is scaming people the reason i say that is because most of the time the product doesnt reach people in a timeley manner because the product gets put into a folder and tucked away for weeks at a time maybe even longer. and the product cannot be shipped until all the add spaces are filled. But as an employee they do not even have money to pay there employees i have had atleast 4 checks that bounced or that i was unable to cash due to them not haveing enough funs in there bank account and not one check cashing place in the quad cities will cash checks from firehouse promotions or spirit solutions because they have bounced checks more than one time at all of these places. when i called them about the check not cashing they just kept telling me to try somewhere else and i had already tried all those stores. And for there product it is just a laminated piece of paper with a sticky magnet on the back and a velcrowed marker on it. and i have had numerous complaints of people not getting as much as they were promised.

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