F.I.R.E. (financial independence resource education ) / Took over $6000 from me and said they would notify and payoff debtors

1 West Palm Beach, FL, United States

I was having trouble with my bills and read about a company that could help me to pay off my debts. I had to pay $1500 up front and $250 /month after that. I was told they would notify all of my debtors and then work with them to pay the debts off at a less amount. After over $5000 and the collectors still calling me, I was determined to find out where my money went. When trying to contact the company, I was treated unfair and disrespected numerous times. Then they said they stopped my services and wouldn't continue to help me and wouldn't return my money because I didnt pay after they wouldn't help me. I'm a disabled veteran on a limited budget, I need help!

Apr 01, 2013

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