Fire Extinguishers / out of date

1 4601 S. 27th Street, Milwaukee, WI, United States
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Phone: (414)282-1020

On July 23, 2011 I had purchased a fire extinguisher from this particular store. On the box it said 10 year warranty. I used it for the 2 new jet ski's we had just purchased. When the patrol boat pulled me over they checked everything including the extinguisher. They looked at the color at the top of the extinguisher and it did not read that the extinguisher was good. I took back the extinguisher to this very exact store and looked at other extinguishers and most of the extinguishers that were not in boxes had expiration dates of March 2010. I did receive my$26.99 back for the fire extinguisher, and also brought it to the attention of a manager. This older lady who is a manager was not thankful or grateful that I had called attention to this. I thought she was rude as we walked back so I could show her, and all she said to me was "well we will have to take care of this".
I like Kmart, but if this is how managers treat their customers, I will take my business to Target or Walmart. The cashiers were very polite and courteous to me and I would like to thank them. Maybe this manager was having a bad day but could Kmart make sure that things like fire extinguishers are up to date and up to code.
Thank you very much for letting me tell my story.
Mrs. Debbie Arango

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